How to Dress Like Clay Jensen


Complete Guide of The 13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen Costume

Clay Jensen is the main  of the hit netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. The series is an adaptation of the famous novel of the same name by Jay Asher. Clay, is the classmate and best friend of Hannah Baker, the girl who committed suicide and left Clay with the Tapes explaining the reasons why she took her own life. Clay is described by Hannah as being “different from other” in a good way. Although, Clay prefers going unnoticed in school, remains silent and never attends any parties, Clay is kind. He is devastated at Hannah’s death and outraged when he listens to Hannah’s tapes. He is determined to avenge the death if Hannah which shows how good-natured he is. He is somewhat socially awkward but is overall very caring. He is intelligent, honest, decent person which makes him a good friend in general. She describes him in these words;”You aren’t every other guy. You’re different. You’re good, kind and decent.” There’s not much to his costume but when you put  all the pieces together, you are bound to look like the famous, beloved, Clay Jensen and be adored by your audience.


Clay Jensen Hoodie

The Clay Jensen Hoodie is a stylish piece of garment. The front open zipper style makes it easy to wear. Two side pockets can keep your things safe and handy. The hood can be used to keep warm in winters. It comes in blue color and is made up of jersey material with viscose lining.


Clay Jensen T Shirt

A simple grey t-shirt that is not just a part of the costume but also can be a part of everyday usage. It is made up of soft  material that is extremely comfortable to wear. The material hangs around the body easily and is suitable for all body shapes. Made up of pure cotton material it absorbs sweat easily making it an ideal summer wear. The typical crewneck gives a boyish look when matched with a pair of jeans.


Clay Jensen Shirt

The Clay Jensen  shirt is a typical  checkered dress shirt in the combination of red ,blue and white colors. The material used is 100%cotton which makes it extremely  comfortable to wear.

It comes in slim fit sizes and looks trendy and stylish. The long sleeves is an extra detail of the garment.


Clay Jensen Pant

Straight cut jeans never go out of fashion. This pair of dark blue jeans is a mandatory part of the costume. The can be matched with other garments as well. The non stretchy fabric makes it a perfect fit according to the size chart.


Clay Jensen Shoes

Clay Jensen has worn these shoes throughout the series. Extremely comfortable and durable shoes which can be worn on all around the year. Matches with almost every casual wear. Suits all age groups.


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