How to Dress Like Life Is Strange 2 Max Caulfield


Complete Guide of The Life Is Strange 2 Max Caulfield Costume

Life is Strange is an award winning episodic adventure video game. Life is Strange 2 is the sequel of Life is Strange and revolves around young Max and the mysterious events in her hometown. Max Caulfield, more commonly known as, Max,  is an 18-year old playable protagonist of the game. She is the childhood best friend of Chloe Price.


Max possesses the power of rewinding time or even stopping it which is why, she is also nicknamed as Max the Time Bandit. She has a dorky and introverted nature. Also, Max has special interest in photography ever since she was a child.


The Moral Avenger as she is nicknamed, Max is also very kind and affectionate. She is a thoughtful and clever. In comparison to Chloe, she is much more mature and rational and has a  rather pragmatic approach towards life. Her bravery and selflessness is reflected in her actions when she puts herself in harm’s way to protect the ones she cares for.


As the game progresses, she becomes more confident and conclusive. All in all Max Caulfield, is a super-cool character to cosplay and super-easy too!


Max Caulfield Grey Hoodie

Inspired by the game, this grey colored hoodie is made up of fleece fabric, which makes it comfortable. It has a zipper style front closure and   full length sleeves, just like the hoodie Max used to wear in the game. Not only is it easy to wear and carry but also, it is a pretty cool hoodie to add to your winter wardrobe!


Max Caulfield Wig

Max has her dark brown hair cut short in the 1990’s style with bangs above her eyes. This synthetic wig best replicates her hair. It is adjustable, breathable, and heat resistant due to which, it is highly advised for the Max Caulfield Costume. You can also stylize it and use it for other occasions.


Max Caulfield Shirt

Her stylish but basic wardrobe comprises of graphic shirts and her favourite one is a pink colored t-shirt with ‘Jane’ written and a picture of doe, which is identical to this one. It is made up of cotton which makes it light. Also, it can be easily washed in machine.


Max Caulfield Rubber Bracelets

Max wears six colorful rubber bracelets with inspirational sayings on them, just like these bracelets. They are amazing collectables and just the right accessory for the Max Caulfield costume


Max Caulfield Pant

Most of the time, she wears a blue jeans, black and white shoes and a grey hoodie along with her ‘Jane Doe’ shirt. This blue jeans has a tight fit and a zipper closure. It is made with soft and stretchable material and can be washed in machine. It is, indeed, a great addition to your day-to-day wardrobe. 


Max Caulfield Bag

In order to fulfill all the demands of the Max Caulfield Costume, you have to add the brown satchel bag in which she carries her beloved Polaroid Camera, at all times. Thus, this high quality canvas vintage bag is a necessary part of the Max Caulfield Costume. It has a magnetic snap and adjustable; removable strap. Plus, it will come in  handy to carry your belongings around with you!


Max Caulfield Shoe

These classic, cool converse black-and-white  shoes complete the Max Caulfield Costume. They have a rubber sole and are comfortable and durable. These shoes are not only ideal for the Max Caulfield Costume but also, are superb for casual wear.


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