Alden Ehrenreich Solo A Star Wars Story Costume Guide


How to Get your Own A Star Wars Story Han Solo Costume

Han Solo is a cynical smuggler for work, and is played by Alden Ehrenreich. He hailed from Corellia and became a smuggler in the employ of Jabba the Hutt. Han Solo is also a warrior who fight against wrongdoings and belittling schemes of Storm troopers and Darth. His job is to keep the non-sensible black man an evil side recliner targeting unfaithful minds to work for him and destroying planets and people alike. In the end Han solo single handedly hunts and kills to take down the negative gloomy Force and Factions once and for all. Below is the guide dedicated to costume and merchandise similar to Han solo’s in Star wars. If you are looking for Han Solo costume for your party, you are at right place.

New Han Solo Jacket

This high quality soft suede leather manufactured jacket highlights your favorite Star Wars characters Han solo with chic effects when it comes to spot-on replications with all the costume adjustments intact. This jacket is made with top quality, crafty exceeding alterations and authenticated realness.


Han Solo Wig

This wig gives all Han solo vibes with its top quality fire resistant fiber and real Han solo hairdo resemblance. This wig is made with 100% polyester and is a novelty product. Apart from Han solo costume this wig can go with other costumes like Beatles, Austin powers, and more. It’s a popular hairstyle after all.


Han Solo Pant

These pants are quite stylish, trendy and enlightens the fashion flair personality of Star Wars protagonist Han Solo. One of the biggest Style-maker out there in space against the always angry Darth Vader, Darth Maul and the punitive crimes of the Dark Side. Buy these pants to add onto your star wars story han solo costume.


Han Solo Blaster

This blaster is delicately constructed in high-quality plastic to look like the slick shooting blaster with downright original looks. This blaster is a genuine imitation of Han solo’s laser blasting space shooter.


Han Solo Wallet

Save your dollars from Darth’s strangling and never ending thrust (not for a dollar, but for the planet) with this great pocket carry a wallet. Keep in mind that this is an officially licensed Star wars merchandise and is made to fit with your star wars story Han solo costume.


Han Solo Belt And Gun Holster

Han Solo is seen wearing a belt with his costume along with his famous holster. It’s a normal belt that everyone needs to hold their pants in place, right? The belt will easily blend with the color of the jacket. Along with his belt, Han solo also wears a holster to keep his blaster with himself all the time. For Han Solo, it’s a must to have his Blaster with himself while he is facing the galaxy as he tends to make enemies faster. The holster and the belt are made of quality leather material.


Han Solo Boots

Han Solo wear these knee high pair of boots with zipper on the side with his star wars costume. This pair of shoes are sturdily man-made with faux leather material to contain the durability. The sole of the shoe is made of PU leather. These shoes are the perfect go for your star wars story Han solo costume.

Convince your pals to take the friendly shaggy role and become an iconic team that is capable of defeating the Galactic Empire among your party mates. The star wars story Han solo costume guide accumulates topnotch products to revamp your identity. May the Force be with you!

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