How to Dress Like Amy Pond

Amy Pond Costume Guide

Complete Guide of The Karen Gillan Doctor Who Amy Pond Costume

Amelia Jessica Ponds more commonly known as, Amy Ponds, is for by Karen Gillan in the famous TV series, ‘Doctor Who’. She is the companion of the Doctors’ eleventh incarnation. Amy is an adventurous, heroic lady and reckless. Not only this,  but in her early adventures along with the Doctor, she proved herself to be observant and clever. Also, Amy was lonely and troubled due to which, she grew to be mistrustful of others and did not open up about her feelings easily. Despite this, she kept the one’s she cared about, really very near to herself. She is an amazing character with immense support and love from fans all around the world which, becomes our prime reason for providing you all with this costume guide for Amy Pond costume!

Amy Pond Jacket

Amy Pond Jacket

The character Amy Pond exhibits a very rough, tough and adventurous lifestyle. The Amy Pond costume is a combination of different types casual clothing. The leather jacket is made up of high quality leather in rusty brown color. The slim fit design gives a chic look in casual wear. Cuffed sleeves are easy to wear. 

Amy Pond top

Amy Pond Tank Top

Amy pond tank top is made up of velvet fabric which gives a luxurious feel. The beautiful maroon color makes it versatile. It can be worn alone or can be paired up with other garments. It is an important part of the costume as Amy Pond can be seen wearing this tank top all time.

Amy Pond long tank

Amy Pond Long Tanks

The long tank top is also a versatile piece of garment. It can be paired up with other outfits as well. It is a must have for the cosplay as it is Amy Pond’s signature style. The fabric used is absorbent and stretchy. It can be worn as an under shirt also.

Amy Pond wig

Amy Pond Wig

Amy Pond is a red headed girl. This makes this red colored wig a mandatory part of the Amy Pond costume. It is made up of good quality synthetic fibres. The maintenance of the wig is easy. 

Amy Pond panty

Amy Pond Panty Hose

An essential part of the Amy Pond costume. This pantyhose is made up of sheer breathable material. It can be wear casually and formally. The sheer material gives a silky smooth feeling.

Amy Pond booty short

Amy Pond Booty Short

Amy Pond booty shorts are an ideal choice for summers. They are extremely comfortable to wear. These shorts can be paired up with different tops to achieve a stylish look.

Amy Pond boot

Amy Pond Boot

Amy Pond costume has some fun elements in it,such as the boots. Amy Pond boots are brown colored leather boots with golden embroidery on it. The glittery embroidery adds a fancy touch to the boots. Perfect for winters these boots are adorned by Amy Pond fans.


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