Ansel Elgort Street Wear Baby Driver Costume Guide


A Complete Costume Guide of Baby Driver Movie Worn by Ansel Elgort

A life of crime isn’t easy, except if you have a name ‘Baby’.Let us shade some light on this iconic character Baby, played by Ansel Elgort. Baby is a young gateway driver from Atlanta, Georgia who can make any wild turn while driving with the right track playing. As a child, Miles aka Baby and his parents met a car accident that killed his parents but he survived. Due to that accident he developed tinnitus making his hearing partly damaged. He can constantly hear a high pitched noise and to block it out he listens to music incessantly. He works for a crew of bank robbers until he made a big mistake. He stole a car which belonged to a criminal mastermind Doc and because of that mistake he paid his price. Stealing Doc’s car now made him work for that evil planner by default. For Baby, getting away with criminals, cruising though towns comes and bypassing the cops comes naturally. And with evil brain of doc he excels at his job of a driver by getting out of close encounters with an apparent ease.Get the look of one of the best gateway driver with this ansel elgort baby driver costume guide compiled for a Legit Baby Driver fan.


Baby Driver Jacket

This jacket worn by Ansel Elgort aka Baby is made of cotton fabric with Soft rayon inner lining for your comfort The cuffs and Hemline are Rib-knitted and It comes with two side waist pockets to safe-held your ‘iPod’ which gives him a continuous boost of Music and remixes.


Baby Driver T-Shirt

This imported, full sleeves shirt goes under his jacket and is made of 90% cotton. The Ultra-soft ring-spun cotton will give you a great and comfortable feel. Its double needled stitch on sleeves and bottom hem for ultra-durability. Apart from dressing up in baby driver costume, this shirt is casual enough to be worn in your daily routine.


Baby Driver Jeans

To match with his Black-white-grey attire, this heavy weight denim made with 100% cotton is a perfect match. Other than the cosplay, you can wear this Jeans anytime, anywhere.


Baby Driver Glasses

Oh, to match the Baby outfit you gotta put your shades on with these Polarized Sunglasses! These glasses are an essential part of ansel elgort baby driver costume.


Baby Driver Shoes

As baby loves black-white contrast, this shoes matches the jacket jeans and t-shirt. These shoes are made with leather and synthetic sole with Padded collar and Wraparound midsole. A must need for baby driver costume!


Baby Driver Earphones


Baby Driver iPod

You surely need an iPod and headphones, as they are an essential part of baby cosplay. On his iPod, Baby has remixes of everyday conversions. The conversation are recorded and remixed with vintage music equipment. The iconic white microphones are designed by Apple and the IPod comes with 120 GB capacity and up to 36 hours of music playback. Who doesn’t needs some music eh?

Above mentioned merchandise and products will give you an authentic baby driver costume for your party. The movie was a great success of the summer so is the baby driver costume.