How to Dress Like Thor


Chris Hemsworth Avengers Thor Costume Guide

Thor is a famous and popular hero world wide due to his reckless and brave personality. His appearance in the Infinity war and Avengers Age of Ultron has earned him immense appreciation by heart core fans. 

Avengers Infinity War Thor Costume Guide

Thor Jacket

Thor Jacket

This Thor jacket is an important item to wear when dressing up as Thor. With its unique and bold design, the jacket provides an outstanding appearance. Also, it provides a warrior like look identical to Thor’s nature. 

Thor pants

Thor Pant

This baggy Thor pant are adjustable and can fit different sizes easily. Moreover, the spacious pockets with zippers help in carrying along possessions securely. 

Thor cape

Thor Cape

Thor’s appearance has been created to match the olden times and heroes back then were represented by capes. Thus, Thor also wears along a red cape which also symbolizes his bold and courageous personality. 

Thor helmet

Thor Helmet

Surely, a Thor without this significant helmet will look like any other regular hero. Hence, to have a perfect cosplay one must not forget to include this helmet in the Thor Costume. 

Thor eye patch

Thor Eye Patch

This eye patch has been stitched from a comfortable fabric to prevent any sort of inconvenience to the wearer. Also, it is a suitable prop to display Thor challenging and difficult life. 

Thor electronic axe

Thor Electronic Axe

In the movie “Infinity war”, Thor has been seen using this particular electronic axe during combats. Thus, to help you create an amazing cosplay, we have included it in the Thor Costume . Its realistic appearance makes it seem as if the original Thor has stepped out from the screen. 

Thor boot

Thor Boot

These boots are made from real top quality leather and are long lasting. They have a strong firm grip making them suitable for not only cosplays but long walks. 


Avengers Age of Ultron Movie Thor Costume

Thor vest

Thor Vest

In the action filled movie “Avengers Age of Ultron”, Thor’s outfit has been altered to represent the modernized in which he is present. The unique white pattern sets it apart from any other vest. 

Thor wig

Thor Wig

Thor has rather long blonde hair which gives him a savage look and to create a similar look in your Thor Costume you should purchase this silky wig. It is made from top quality synthetic hair hence are durable. 

Thor helmet

Thor Helmet

This silver helmet with ends shaping into wings is a prominent feature of the Thor Costume. It covers the entire head except the facial features. 

Thor hammer

Thor Hammer

Another favorite weapon of  Thor is this hammer with a large metal block and designed stick. This hammer is an exact replica of the one used in the movie to make your Thor Costume fantastic  .

Thor costume

Thor Costume

This Thor Costume is a thorough ultimate depiction of Thor’s dynamic character. It is stretchable and can adjust to different sizes easily. Also, it provides all essential items at one place. 



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