How to Dress Like Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood

Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Costume

Complete Guide of Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Costume Guide

Batman Arkham knight is one of the amazing and adventures game out there in the world of super hero games. This game features some high-quality graphics with amazing animations throughout the game. Batman Arkham knight has made a sold fan base among the gamers all around the world. The game has an amazing plot line with tons of new features and enhanced fighting style.

Today we’ll walk you through how to dres like Batman from Batman Arkhan knight game.
Red hood Jacket with Vest

Red hood Jacket with Vest

Begin your batman Arkham knight costume with this classy and trendy leather jacket. Since, black is the color of Batman, he prefers his jacket in black, for abvious reason. Apart from the cosplay you can have this really cool jacket to keep you warm in winters. Buy this jacket and make a fashion statement.

super hero mask super hero mask

Get this batman mask, to go with your Batman Arkham knight costume. This is a signature item of Batman costume. This mask is pretty comfortable and easy to wear. Its made of high quality material that guarantees durability. This mask is well crafted and has got every detail right just like the mask worn by batman in Arkham knight.


These boots matches perfectly well with batman arkham knight costume and are perfect for difficult and uneven surfaces, or in other words perfect for every situation that Batman will get him into. These boots are made of high quality fabric.


John Todd is seen carrying a belt. This belt is adjustable and comes with a gun holder and firm grip to boost your Red hood avatar.

Gloves Gloves

Get your hands on these really cool gloves to complete your batman arkham knight costume. These armored gloves are ought to protect you from the deadly-fake attacks and provide you with comfort and strong grip. These gloves are made of high quality fabric and are durable enough along with providing you with desired flexibility.

Hand GunHand Gun

Batman dosent uses weapons like guns and all, but he does keep some ‘little’ toys of him for his use in dire need. This utility belt is a part of batman arkham knight costume’s armory. Apart from having pouches to keep your stuff, this belt features Batarangs. Batman can literally bring the entire gang of evil beings with his smart utility belt. It’s pretty handy.

Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Costume Guide

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