How to Dress Like Black Canary


Complete Guide of The Arrow Season 5 Black Canary Costume

Black Canary is portrayed by the glamorous Katie Cassidy in the renowned TV series Green Arrow. Originally named Dinah Laurel Lance, Black Canary is a part of a welfare group (CNRI- City Necessary Resources Initiative) which aims to help people in need.

Laurel excels in Hand-to-Hand combat because her father made her take self-defense classes. Making several appearances, Black Canary gained an immense interest of the audience.

Her distinctive persona coupled with her sassy appearance is definitely eye-catching and attention grasping. To help you spark-up the upcoming cosplay event, here’s a guide to Black Canary Costume comprising of quality products at affordable rates.


Black Canary Jacket

Black leather jacket has always been a fashion statement. This outstanding leather jacket is a must have. The buttons and straps on the sleeves makes it more stylish and appealing. Zipped pockets and buttoned strap collar is an additional quality of the jacket.


Women’s Hair Wig

An essential part of your Black Canary costume. This blonde shoulder length wig is made up of high quality synthetic fibres which makes it easy to style and maintain.


Faux Leather Corset Top

The leather corset is mandatory for the Black Canary costume. It has a perfect zip closure that enhances the body shape instantly. Designed in a comfortable  fashion this corset can be paired up with other costumes also.


Leather High Waisted Leggings

These leather leggings can prove themselves as the most fashionable piece of garment in your wardrobe. The material is durable and comfortable. Fits perfectly according to standard sizes.


Women’s Net Stocking

A must have for the cosplayers. These net stockings are not only  an important part of Black Canary costume, but can be used on other occasions also.


Black Canary Mask

Black Canary mask completes the whole look of the character. It is a must have for the Black Canary fans. It is made up of polyurethane material. The elastic wrap makes it easier to fit all sizes.


Fleece Lined Gloves

Actress Katie Cassidy can be seen wearing these gloves most of the time in the series The Arrow. Material used in manufacturing the gloves is fleece. The inner soft lining makes it comfortable to wear.


Plain Leather Choker

An essential prop for the cosplay. The choker is made up high quality leather. The adjustable chain at the back allows comfortable fitting.


Multi Strap Garter Utility Belt

The garter belt is also an essential part of the Black Canary costume. It is a multi functional product that can be used for outdoor works also. The straps fits perfectly and can hold extra pockets.


Mid Calf Boots

The Mid Calf boots are the most stylish part of the costume. Wrapped with straps and buckles these boots are perfect for a funky wardrobe. The heels provides balanced height and makes walking easy.


Billy Club

This toy Billy Club is a perfect replica of the one used by Katie Cassidy in The Arrow season 5. It is a fun prop the can be used in many role plays. An ideal gift for cosplayers and children.


Black Canary Arrow Costume

An absolute treat for the cosplayers. This costume covers all the details of the character Black Canary. The costume is made up of 100% polyester material which makes it easy to maintain. It consists of bolero, top, pants, mask, gloves and belt.