How to Dress Like Blade Runner Movie Rick Deckard Costume


Harrison Ford Blade Runner Film Rick Deckard Costume Full Guide

The Blade Runner movie is a retro rampage take on the despicable retiring replicants moving around deserted terrains. This movie revolves around the character of Rick Deckard who is a bounty hunter and seasoned plainclothes police officer who specializes in going after and destroying replicants. He works for the San Francisco Police Department. The character of Rick Deckard is played by Harrison Ford. In the movie, when a group of replicants escapes a space colony and goes into hiding in Los Angeles, Rick Deckard is called to finish this one last job which he is reluctant to accept but is told that he has no choice. He begins his investigation and had to use some of the old blade runner magic to succeed.We have compiled a guide for you to dress up like this iconic character.

rick-deckard-coatRick Deckard Trench Coat

This classic brown trench coat is what Harrison was seen wearing on the screen in the character of Rick Deckard. This coat is made with high quality cotton fabric and comes with the same design and exact pattern.

rick deckard t-shirt Rick Deckard T-Shirt

We begin the guide to dress up in rick Deckard costume with this beautifully grey cotton t-shirt. Apart from the cosplay this shirt is casual enough to be worn as an everyday outfit.

rick deckard pantRick Deckard Pant

These Navy blue pants are a perfect fit for the rick Deckard costume along with being the perfect leg thing for you. It sits well with the 90’s era look and will give you far-fetched and accurate rick Deckard costume look.


Rick Deckard Shirt

Harrison has been seen changing between shirts in the movie. And, every shirt is subtle and supple in looks and design. This fabulous shirt is made of high quality cotton fabric and gives the necessary feels of the 90’s era. This shirt is a must need for the rick Deckard costume.

pistolRick Deckard Pistol

To pull up the character of a plainclothes policeman, you still will be needing a gun. To keep up with your non-scary cosplay look, you can have this plastic made of plastic. This pistol is a picture perfect rendition of the 80’s sophistication and class.

bootRick Deckard Boots

These sleek, sturdy looking and meticulously man made boots are the most accurate merchandise for your rick Deckard costume and feet. These appealing, stylish and flexible boots are made with synthetic leather and are toughened, durable and comes with durable rubber sole to provide you with comfort. These boots are graceful enough to go with multiple attires of yours.

tieRick Deckard Tie

Harrison surely knows how to dress to impress. The elegantly tiled up pattern of this tie adds up to the overall look of the character of Rick Deckard. This elegant cord is skillfully crafted with 100% polyester material that gives you that must needed sassiness straight on.

ID CardRick Deckard ID Card

You dare not miss this spinner operator permit card while you’re after those replicants. Small detail, but gives you a major impact.

beltRick Deckard Belt