How to Dress Like Brad Pitt Fight Club


Complete Guide of The Brad Pitt Fight Club The Narrator Costume

Tyler Durden, portrayed by the famous Brad Pitt in the 1999 hit film, Fight Club. It was based on the famous novel of the same name.  The character gained fame because of his role and because of the fact that Brad Pitt portrayed him. He is the main protagonist as well as antagonist of this movie. Tyler Durden is basically the split personality of the Narrator. Tyler Durden is created by the narrator himself, who is tired if his life. Tyler is the perfect demonstration of the free person The Narrator wishes to be. Durden possesses the characteristics and the built of a cult leader.  He is captivating, charming, dynamic, assertive, strong-willed and manipulative in a way because he can convince people to do the things he wants them to do. The Narrator fantasizes this self- created version of himself and is desperate to be someone like Tyler. The character of Tyler has extraordinary depth and dimensions which make him a compelling character. The Fight Club costume demands little but significantly important items. Read on further to know what you need for this cosplay!


Tyler Durden Leather Jacket

A unique red colored leather jacket which will definitely grab the attention in the crowd.  The material used is faux leather which looks very classy. Lapel style collar and two pockets in the front adds extra style. Front closure is detailed with white stitching and branded YKK branded zippers are used.


Tyler Durden Club Pant

Extremely comfortable slim fit pants. Made up of active comfort fabric makes it super stretchy. It also has an athletic flex waistband that adapts the shape of the body.


Tyler Durden Shirt

The shirt has a casual but chic look. It is best for summer season as it has half sleeves. The large grey colored  leaves printed on white base looks very attractive. The slim fit style makes it a favourite of all age groups.


Tyler Durden Sunglasses

The pink colored sunglasses is the signature style of the character Tyler Durden. Made up of high quality silver alloy these glasses can make a statement on their own.


Tyler Durden Cigarettes

These cigarettes looks realistic. An ideal product to use as a prop. They do not make real puffs so it is quite harmless to be used by children in role plays.


Tyler Durden Soap

It is a cake decorating fondant mould. Made up of high quality silicone. Designed in the shape of fight club soap this mould can be used in costume and theme based parties.


Tyler Durden Shoes

These shoes are more of fashion sneakers on retro style. Lightweight and durable with high top padded collars. It has a wear -resistant non-slip rubber sole. It also have leather insole for the breathability and extra comfort.


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