Brandon Lee The Crow Full Costume Guide


Complete Guide of Brandon Lee The Crow Eric Draven Costume

The Crow, an american action-thriller was released in 1994. The character of Eric Draven, played by Brandon Lee was a  Eric Draven was a major hit. Eric by profession was a heavy metal guitarist in the band Hangman’s Joke. His wedding with Shelly Webster, was due on Halloween but on the night before that, they are murdered mercilessly by a gang on the orders  of Top Dollar. Exactly an year later, Eric is brought back to live by the crow in order to avenge their death. Eric soon discovers that now, he possesses superhuman powers. He is nearly invulnerable and can regenerate. He does not need to eat, sleep or drink and is incapable of feeling physical pain. He  is able to see through the eyes of the crow, has reflexes of a cat, heightened senses, supernatural strength, tactile sympathy and empathy and also, the power to heal others. Since his powers are tied to the crow’s avatar, his powers abate if the crow avatar is destroyed. The hero who killed the killers, Eric Draven gained a huge fan base and the till date, any Cosplayer would simply love to do the costume of The Crow.


The Crow Mask

Eric paints his face similar to the crown mask and wears this all the time after he was resurrected. This mask is ever so important for The Crow Costume. It is a high quality overhead mask that can be washed as well. It fits comfortably and is durable.


Classic Leather Long Coat

It is seen in the movie that The Crow wears this classic Leather coat. It has a button closure and two side pockets. Also, this coat features zip-out lining and is made of a fine soft touch leather. It is stylish and classy with no seam lines on the front panel. It has an elegant fitting with notch collar and natural shoulders. You can also pair this all-in-one jacket with other outfits and wear this to other occasions.

The-Crow-T Shirt

Men’s Leather Look T-shirt

A trendy leather shirt is, undoubtedly, a  great addition to your closet. It has a crew neck and long sleeves and it is also observed that the Crow wears a shirt just like this. It has a glossy appearance, is eye-catching and has a snug fitting. It is a perfect shirt for summer holidays, casual, sports or daily wear. It is made up of 60% polyester and 40% cotton and is extremely comfy.


Leather Trouser Pant

This high quality black leather trouser pant is made of genuine leather. It is trendy, stylish, classy and enjoyable at the same time. Also, it goes very well with The Crow Costume.


Jungle Boot

These boots are just like the ones Eric Daverman wore. These leather shoes have a nylon upper, with oil resistant sole. These are perfect for military, tactical, outdoor, survival clothing as well as casual wear.


Fashion Metal Ring Necklace

This glamorous golden necklace is essential for the attire. It is a high quality product and can be also used as a fashion necklace.


Goth White Cream Foundation

This foundation has a high pigment color for maximum  coverage. It has a powder-cream consistency. You can also use it as a base under eye-shadows. Since this is a makeup item, it can also be used for various purposes.


Matte Eye Shadow

Ofcourse, eye makeup is a necessity  of any costume. This black pearl eyeshadow is from a collection of classic matte shades and creates an intense look.


Dry Vinyl Tape

This tape is non adhesive. Tie it around your hands and fingers to get the look just like Eric.


Black Feather Flying Crow

Last on the the list, is certainly the most important. The  crow was how Eric came back to life to avenge their murder. To add a dramatic touch to your costume, and to make your overall appearance more breathtaking, this prop is obviously very essential.