How to Dress Like Tom Hardy Venom


Complete Guide of The Eddie Brock Venom Costume

As Eddie Brock, Tom Hardy is one of the most iconic and beloved supervillain from the Marvel. The actor’s physical resemblance to the comic character combined with the most iconic costume, had the audience craving for more of the character on the big screen. 

A major lead in Venom, Eddie Brock

is a journalist who was formerly an investigative reporter at his own show. He gained superhuman strength and durability after being infected by an alien symbiote, which bonded itself with him, becoming known as Venom.

The character’s appearance had been greatly enhanced by the unflagging efforts of the visual-effects team. However, it is the costume that provided Eddie his basic look. To help you achieve the same freakish yet flamboyant look, here’s an all-inclusive guide to the Venom Costume.

Venom Jacket

Venom Jacket

Inspired from the movie Venom this leather jacket is a must have for the fans. High quality leather is used in manufacturing this awesome jacket. The main feature is a big spider logo in white color which is very prominent. It has front zipper closure and long sleeves. 

Venom costume

Venom Costume

The complete costume is a treat for cosplayers. All you need to dress up like Venom is available in this costume. The material used is durable and comfortable. The mask is made up of high quality latex. This costume will definitely sizzle up your event. 

Venom mask

Venom Mask

An essential prop for the Venom Costume. This mask is an exact copy of the one used in the movie. It is made up of high quality latex material. The elastic band at the back allows comfortable fitting. 

Venom gloves

Venom Gloves

To complete the look of the character Venom these gloves are mandatory Venom Gloves are made up of good quality polyester material. They can be paired up with other costumes also. 

Venom t-shirt

Venom T-Shirt

Venom T-Shirt is a classic crew neck black colored t-shirt. The main feature is the spider logo printed on it in white color. This brilliant feature makes it an ideal gift for Venom fans. It is made up of absorbent and comfortable material which makes it perfect for all seasons. 

Venom shoes

Venom Shoes

A good pair of shoes is an ultimate luxury. Venom Costume features these stylish leather shoes. Made up of animal friendly brown leather these shoes are a must have. They can be used casually as well as formally. The side elastic gores makes them easy to wear. Anti slip leather sole allows good grip and prevents slipping. 


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