Complete Guide of The New Colossus Wolfenstein 2 Costume


Full Guide of Wolfenstein II The New Colossus Costume

Wolfenstein II the new Colossus is the recent addition to the famous action and thriller based video game Wolfenstein. It was released on 27 October 2017 and was developed by MachineGames, a well-known games creator. The game was made available for Microsoft Windows,  PlayStation, Xbox, and many other devices. It is a shooting game played from first-person perspective. It is set in the post World War 2 era where the main protagonist William Joseph fights against the Nazis in America. William is a Polish spy and a Jewish descent. Being trained to be a warrior and possessor of brilliant strategic abilities, William uses his bravery to complete one-man missions to end the oppressive regime of Nazis. The game revolves around him and he is portrayed as a man of great courage who can easily distinguish between right and wrong. Due to his outstanding personality, Wolfenstein II has gained immense popularity among gamers. His unique attire makes him more favourite amongst people worldwide. To dress up as William, browse through our Wolfenstein 2 Costume which covers the entire outfit at affordable rates!


Wolfenstein 2 Jacket

The first product available in the Wolfenstein 2 Costume is the Wolfenstein 2 Jacket. It is short yellow and black upper with an inner fabric lining. It has a single front zipper and a unique zip design on the front. The long sleeves have a stripes pattern which provides an attractive look.

wolfenstein-2-t shirt

Wolfenstrin T-Shirt

Next is the Wolfenstein T-shirt which is a half sleeves,olive green coloured shirt. It has a cool “American Outlaw” print on the front in black. Also, it has been stitched from a comfortable and stretchable material.


Wolfenstrin Pants

Wolfenstein Pants are also included in the Wolfenstein 2 Costume which is brown coloured.  It is adjustable and can easily fit wearer of all sizes. The pants has spacious pockets on each side so that you can carry your belongings anywhere and anytime.


Wolfenstein Boots

These Wolfenstein Boots are long black real leather shoes with strong laces. They have a soft fabric lining inside so that you can easily walk long distances without any inconvenience. These boots give a bold and daring look to your overall appearance.


Wolfenstrin Choker

The last item in the Wolfenstein 2 Costume is the Wolfenstein Choker which is made from strong metal and is durable. The golden ring with white beads lace adds a glamorous and stylish touch to your Wolf’s outfit. The item is pressure resistant and long lasting.

Here the Wolfenstein 2 Costume comes to an end! So go ahead and explore it yourself. You are guaranteed to have an awesome experience with our costume. Avail this amazing package and be ready to become the highlight of the comic cons or a Halloween party!