Deadpool Costume Guide


Full Guide of The Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Costume

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He is talkative, he is strong,  he unpredictable, he is Deadpool. The character of Deadpool was the result of the tortures and experiments inflicted upon Wade Wilson by Ajax, the evil scientist. In the 2016 box office hit Deadpool, he hunts down the wicked scientist who almost trashed his life. Deadpool is known for his macabre humour and that he never ever cashes any of his cheques. He has the accelerated healing powers which makes immortal as well as a super cool marvel character. He is also a highly skilled warrior. Also, due to his ability of healing at a superhuman rate, he is almost immune to drugs. This ability is also the cause of his mental instability. One of the best things about Deadpool is that he knows that he is a fictional character. Furthermore, he also knows that he has a wikipedia article based totally on him and genuinely hopes that his fans keep it updated. Isn’t that interesting? With that being said, it’s time to begin with super-cool costume of our favourite superhero, Deadpool!


Deadpool Jacket

The attractive red  and black jacket is an important part of the deadpool costume. The material used is genuine leather. Inner viscose lining makes it warm and cosy. Two side pockets and zipper cuffs with straps makes it stylish.


Deadpool Mask

 The Deadpool costume can not be completed without this mask. It is made up of polyester material with leather patches. The eye portion have mesh patches for better vision.


Deadpool Pant

These incredibly stretchy pants fits all. Made up of high quality spandex and polyester material these pants are a must have. The deadpool inspired print makes it attractive.


Deadpool Sword Pack

An essential part of the costume. These swords are not sharp and safe to use. They are an exact replica of the original one. Lightweight and easy to handle. 


Deadpool Belt

The Deadpool belt comes with pouches. It is made up of high quality sift resun and PU leather. A must have for Deadpool fans and cosplayers.


Deadpool Holster

The Deadpool holster attaches to the belt easily. The adjustable straps wraps around the leg to ensure maximum support. It can be used with other costumes also. 


Deadpool Pistol

This pistol is an amazing addition to your costume . It looks real and enhance the intensity of your cosplay. The red rubber tip matches the pistol used in the movie. 


Deadpool Boots

Deadpool boots are made up of high quality synthetic material. The rubber sole are slip resistant and allows firm walk. The ankle high shaft adds style to the boots. Durable and comfortable to wear.


Deadpool Suit

The Deadpool suit is a one piece jumpsuit. It is easy to wear and allows hassle free handling. The mask and props comes separately. An easy way to dress up like Deadpool and enjoy the cosplay.