How to Dress like the fortnight video game raider raptor costume


Complete Guide of The Fortnite Video Game Raider Raptor Costume

A co-op sandbox survival game, Fortnite was first released on July 25, 2017. Players all around the world are now addicted to the game and simply love it!
Raider Raptor, better known as Raptor, is a legendary skin and an outfit cosmetic in the Battle Royale. Raptor is worth 2000 V-Bucks and can be bought from the item shop. Raider Raptor is by far the only legendary outfit that is not part of a Set despite the addition of a female counterpart, a wrap and a glider. can be bought from the Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks. Bundled with this outfit is the Raptor Satchel Back Bling, too.
A fan-favorite, Raptor has been admired ever since it was introduced to gamers as a part of their beloved game. For Fortnite players, Raptor is a famous cosplay outfit too. The question here is, how to get that look? The Internet is over-flowing with many Raider Raptor Costume guides and it is confusing to pick one. Thus, we have compiled an authentic, well-researched and comprehensive guide to the Raider Raptor Costume especially for you! fortnite-leather-jacket

Fortnite Leather Jacket

First up, the Raider Raptor Costume demands this genuine leather jacket. Inspired by the outfit in the game, this yellow and brown jacket features a fur collar. The zipper closure allows ease-of-wear along with comfortability. It is also equipped with soft viscose lining which ensures durability.


Yellow Knit Ski Mask

The mask is perhaps the most significant feature of the Raider Raptor Costume. Made up of 100% acrylic material, this yellow knit ski mask is a must-have for the apparel. With only one-hole for the eyes, as seen in the game, this mask is extremely breathable.  


Olive Green Tee

It is clearly visible in Fortnite that Raptor wears an olive green tee underneath the jacket. With a pull-on closure for easy-wear, this t-shirt is made up of cotton and features a seamless rib at neck. It is a great addition to your day-to-day wardrobe as it can be paired up with various outfits.


Brown Tactical Pants

Moving on, we have these brown tactical pants as a part of the Raider Raptor Costume. They are identical to the ones used in the original outfit. They have a button fly closure and are made to last. Manufactured with high-quality polyester and cotton, these pants are easily compatible with other outfits too.


Yellow Leather Gauntlet Gloves

An obvious part of the Raider Raptor Costume, these sheep leather gauntlet gloves help in the best possible way to recreate the look of Raptor. It has a long arm cuff and can be utilized for other cosplays too.


Black Tactical Belt

Similar to the one used in the Raider Raptor Costume as seen in the game, this black tactical belt gives you just the look you need. The heavy-duty metal buckle is the highlight of this nylon belt. Additionally, it is equipped with quick release and automatic relock technology for ease-of-use.


Black Tactical Knee Pads

Another noticeable feature of the Raider Raptor Costume is these black Tactical knee pads. Shock resistance and zero moisture retention are promised due to the closed-cell foam padding. These non-slip and flexible knee pads have a contoured interior ledge that prevents slipping. They have hook and loop elastic straps to make sure that the knee pads stay in place and for the ease of wear. 


Brown Combat Boots

For the shoes, we have these brown combat boots which are identical to the ones we see in the Raider Raptor Costume of the game. Stylish and comfortable, these synthetic boots are made up of high-quality faux leather and are lightly padded. The block heel gives you just the look you need. These lace-up boots are ideal for various other occasions too. 


Gold and Tan Nylon Boot Shoelaces

An essential for the Raider Raptor Costume these gold and tan nylon boot shoelaces are just what you need to get the look. They are a great addition to your wardrobe and can be utilized in many ways. 


Black Tactical Leg Strap

As seen in Fortnite, Raptor wears a black Tactical leg strap on his right leg. Thus, it is essential for the Raider Raptor Costume. green-military-hiking-backpack

Green Military Hiking Backpack

This green military hiking backpack is essential for the Raider Raptor Costume. The bag is a noticeable part of the outfit and this particular bag is the closest match to the one seen in the game. It features a removable waist belt, reversible zippers, a daisy chain, two electronics pockets, and a heavy-duty handle. While cosplaying, you don’t have to wear a bag as you can easily carry your belongings in this backpack. 


D-Grip Round  Point Shovel

 Lastly, for the props, we have this D-grip round point shovel. It helps you get the look and adds effect to the costume. Also, it helps in recreating the aura that is required by the Raider Raptor Costume.