How to Dress El Diablo


Complete Guide of The Suicide Squad El Diablo Costume

El-Diablo – The flame guy and spiritual warrior  of the Suicide Squad. He’s the lone wolf who plays by his own rules, and for good.

Often, El-Diablo is misunderstood and  perceived as the most menacing character. While in reality he is a man saddled by guilt and driven by justice. 

Initially he was a vain and opportunistic man prone to anger. Eventually, his very own pyrokinesis powers led to a tragic event which had an ever-lasting impact on the rest of his life. He became a calm, collected and benevolent member of the Task Force X.

Here’s how to get into the captivating character of El-Diablo through our El-Diablo Costume!

El Diablo Jacket

El Diablo Jacket 

El-Diablo’s jacket is a clear statement of his gangster history. The dark blue coloured  El-Diablo Jacket with sky-blue faux leather sleeves, has been tailored with perfection. Its fleece fabric makes it breathable and lightweight. The Diablo patch on the  left side of the jackets adds to the value of the merchandise. Furthermore, the durable inner lining provides protection to the inside of jacket and also helps it tug firmly on your shoulders. 

El Diablo vest

El Diablo Vest

El- Diablo Vest guarantees free and easy movement. Its semi-fit design goes well with El-Diablo jacket. The vest has been manufactured from 100% Micro Polyester and wicking fabric which pulls moisture from to the exterior where it evaporates easily.

El Diablo pants

El Diablo Pants

The loose-fit and straight-leg El-Diablo Pants are much of a in-thing these days. Its cotton material allows it to be washed easily in machine. Moreover, it comes with multiple pockets including; 2 slant pockets, 2 thigh buttoned flap pockets, 2 leg buttoned flap pockets and a single rear buttoned flap pocket.

El Diablo shoes

El Diablo Shoes

Made from canvas, the white El-Diablo slip ons are some quality shoes available at affordable rates. They do not only give the classic and casual look but are  also extra-comfortable with their cushioned footbed.

El Diablo bracelet

El Diablo Bracelet

Constructed of solid stainless steel, the El-Diablo bracelet is 8.50 inches long. It is highly resistant to rust and tarnish. The stylish El-Diablo bracelet has been plated such that it will keep its colour for a long time, so you won’t have to worry about early discoloration.

El Diablo Necklace

El Diablo Necklace

El-Diablo’s all calm and cool, call upon his wrath. 

The Suicide Squad El-Diablo Necklace perfectly symbolises El-Diablo’s rage. It has been plated from white gold and is made from brass.

El Diablo tattos

El Diablo Tattoos

El-Diablo’s look is probably incomplete without his tattoos. Therefore, to make the cosplay successful and  possible for you, we’ve included these temporary tattoos in the El-Diablo Costume. These tattoos are applied easily with water and can be removed using make-up remover, baby oil, moisturizer or alcohol.





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