How to Dress Like Kimmy Schmidt


Complete Guide of The Ellie Kemper Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Costume

Kimmy Schmidt is a 29 is a woman of many dreams and ambitions. After being rescued from the doomsday cult Kimmy was held in for 15 years, she moves to the New York City to start a new life. Here amidst the struggle of adjusting to the fast New York lifestyle she befriends a landlady, Lillian Kaushtupper and a struggling actor, Titus Andromedon and finds a job as a nanny. Now she is set on a path to find a new life where she is more than a victim and where she is free to do what pleases her unlike her old life. Kimmy Schmidt is played by the incredible Ellie Kemper who has made the show “one of the best sitcoms of the era.”


Schmidt Shirt Sweater

The Schmidt  shirt sweater comes in two parts. The shirt has multi color floral design on it whereas the yellow sweater ha embroidered flowers on it. Sweater is made up of cotton material which makes it comfortable  to wear all year round. The shirt is of polyester material and can be worn alone and along the sweater as well. The combo defines the character of Kimmy Schmidt.


Schmidt Wig

Kimmy Schmidt is a red headed character. In order to match the character exactly in appearance, this wig is indeed a must. It is a reddish orange coloured hair wig made up of synthetic fibres. It is extremely easy to wash and maintain. The loose curls and side bangs adds definition to the character’s appearance and looks.


Schmidt Legging

The leggings are mandatory to complete the costume of kimmy Schmidt. These leggings are not only a part of the costume but can also be worn casually. The super stretchy cotton material makes them comfortable and easy to wear.


Schmidt Shoelaces

Especially designed in glitter tinsel slanted pattern stripes,these shoe laces are a must have for your Kelly Schmidt Costume. They are perfect for sneakers, sports shoes, joggers etc. The smooth plastic tip helps in easy insertion.  


Schmidt Bag

This bag is a multi dimensional and multi-functional bag. It can be used for hassle free storage of essential items. It has one large compartment which makes it ideal for laptop. Padded straps makes it comfortable backpack.


Schmidt Shoe

These incredible supra shoe are perfect for your Kimmy Schmidt costume as they coordinate well and fittingly with her bubbly outfit. The rubber sole provides a better grip and ease to the walker. The Schmidt shoe is made up of soft fabric gives the sensation of comfort to the wearer.