Final Fantasy 8 Squall Leonhart Costume Guide


Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII Full Costume Guide

Final Fantasy VIII is a role-playing video game, released in 1999 and is the eighth main installment in the Final Fantasy series. It’s developed and published by Square. Final Fantasy VIII follows a group of young mercenaries, led by Squall Leonhart. Squall Leonhart is a loner who focuses on his duty to avoid vulnerability and is a student of elite mercenaries from a prestigious academy of military “SeeD” that is based out of futuristic installations called Gardens Here is the exclusive costume guide of Final Fantasy VIII’s Leon Squalhart that gamers cannot get enough of.


Squall Leonhart Jacket

This fascinating Fur Jacket made with genuine leather is the signature style statement of Squall Leonhart that has been featured in Final Fantasy VIII. This alluring design speaks volume for itself and is considered as the best attire of the game. This jacket comes with Soft viscose lining, Open hem cuffs and two slanted flapped pockets at chest and two inner pockets to give you an all stylish to and comfortable experience


Squall Leonhart Wig

The first noteworthy attribute of Squall Leonhart costume is the wig. This wig comes with a stylish and trending haircut that portrays the hairstyle of Squall Leonhart in an exact manner. Because, this ‘Bangs’ style cut hair cut is pretty ‘in’ nowadays, you can wear it anywhere anytime on any costume.


Squall Leonhart Costume

Squall Leonhart is seen wearing black colored pants in the gaming videos of Final Fantasy VIII. These Denim pants are an important attire in Squall Leonhart costume and comes with quality manufacture and detail designing.


Squall Leonhart Gloves

If Squall Leonhart cosplay is a serious business for you, Squall Leonhart costume won’t ever be considered as a complete one without these Gloves and two belts. Apart from the Squall Leonhart cosplay these gloves will always keep you warm, and you’ll always be needing an extra Belt, somehow.


Squall Leonhart Shirt

Under his phenomenal jacket, Squall Leonhart wears a white T shirt. Though both the shirt and jacket are made of high quality and trendy, but the color combination and the matching trends of Black leather Fur jacket with a White tee makes Squall Leonhart a style icon who looks phenomenal in every aspect in his Squall Leonhart costume.


Squall Leonhart Necklace

The very came necklace worn by Squall Leonhart in the Final Fantasy VIII can now be yours. This life size necklace made of high quality alloy metal is almost identical to the necklace if compared to the necklace worn by Squall Leonhart in the Final Fantasy VIII. This necklace features the same sleek and beautiful look as shown in the game. Apart from Squall Leonhart cosplay this necklace can be worn to any other of your clothes because of its stylish and trendy look.


Squall Leonhart Shoes

To match his overall costume Squall Leonhart wears black shoes that gives his personality an intimidating look. These boots are made with high-quality artificial leather and quality manufacture.


Squall Leonhart Gunblade

The last part of Squall Leonhart costume is this sharp edged Gun blade. This gun blade is made using a butt of a toy gun and the blade is made with cardboard material to prevent you from causing any harm or injury to yourself. This gun is also featured in his pendant as a signatory design.The guide ends here. The above guide compiled all the products and merchandise necessary for the Squall Leonhart costume to play Squall Leonhart cosplay. All the Items are of great quality and durable. Get in your Leader avatar and pretend Fighting evil.



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