How to Dress Like Raider Raptor


Complete Guide of The Fortnite Video Game Raider Raptor Costume

The online video game, Fortnite, was released in 2017 and ever since, it is a sensational obsession amongst young as well as mature players. In this online video game, the players coordinate and collaborate in order to survive in an open environment. The battling is either controlled by the game or other characters. It features fighting zombie like creatures, and teaming up with other characters online. One of its modes, ‘Fortnite Battles Royale’ gained immense popularity. In this mode, 100 players can enter a game and compete individually, pair up or form squads of four. The winning rule is simple; the one who survives, wins. Fortnite is known to have developed a bunch of positive qualities in children like teamwork, dexterity and fast reactions. Raider Raptor is also a well known and much admired character of Fortnite. This soldier hero character is available in the “Save the World”.
Along with other members of the Raider subclass, he possesses traits Advanced Tactics ,Shockwave , Debilitating Shots, Shell Shock, Frag Grenade, Perfect Engineering, Reloading, Kneecapper, Flak Vest, Adjustable Choke. He is one of the most iconic characters of Fortnite and fans love to cosplay him.



Fortnite Leather Jacket

First in the Raider Raptor Costume, is the Fortnite leather Jacket. It is manufactured from genuine leather in yellow and brown colour. With its fur collar, internal viscose lining and zipper closure, it becomes extremely easy and comfortable to wear. This jacket is surely one of its kind. For, along with fulfilling the needs Raider Raptor’s Costume, it also makes sure that it grants you with an astounding look.


Fortnite Shirt

Second in the list is the Fortnite Shirt. This T-shirt has a seamless double needle collar, sleeve and bottom. It’s taped neck and shoulders make sure that it remains as fresh as new, even after several machine washes. Since it is a pull-on and has tubular fit for minimal torque, it’s pretty convenient to wear under the Fortnite Jacket.


Fortnite Bag

Third in the Raider Raptor Costume is the Fortnite Bag. With its organizer pocket, it’s spacious enough to carry around your personal belongings including electronics, earphones, water bottles and other small accessories.


Fortnite Belt

Available at an affordable price, this Fortnite belt is one iconic component of the Raider Raptor Costume. Its black colour gives an elegant definition to the entire attire and can be used with multiple outfits.


Fortnite Shovel

Fortnite shovel is a very interesting prop carried around by the Raider Raptor. It is light-weighted with fiberglass handles. It has long and short handle options with rubberized plastic ferrule grips. It is also rust and water resistant.


Fortnite Knee Pads

Knee pads serve as a protection against injury. It also provides padding for extended kneeling. For this reason, Fortnite knee pads are very necessary for the Raider Raptor Costume.


Fortnite Ski Mask

Made from Polyester, this Fortnite Ski Mask is the closest imitation of Raider Raptor’s mask in terms of colour and design.


Fortnite Leg Strap

To make it easy to wear this Fortnite Leg strap has comfort elastic near buckle and has a rubberized surface to prevent any shifting.


Fortnite Microphone

To cosplay a character properly, one must get into the character. Microphone has played an important role Raider Raptor’s communication. Therefore, these fortnite microphone are a very necessary part of the Raider Raptor Costume.


Fortnite Shoelaces

These black coloured fortnite shoelaces are very much durable and can provide a classy look to any ordinary pair of shoes.


Fortnite Glove

Fortnite gloves are available in three size; medium, large and extra-large. They are comfortable to wear with the right amount of elasticity. These are manufactured from 100% genuine cow leather.


Fortnite Pant

These lightweight fortnite pants are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton ripstop. It has two cargo pockets with a slash pocket design.


Fortnite Boot

Manufactured from high quality Man-made Faux leather, these Fortnite boots are very much comfortable to wear. They have a synthetic sole. They’re great for any dress, be it formal, fashion or for a party occasion.


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