Guardians of The Galaxy Series Gamora Costume


Full Guide of Guardians of The Galaxy Series Gamora Costume

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“Anyone who is anyone knows who you [Gamora] is” said Rocket the Raccoon in the famous movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and of course, who doesn’t know Gamora? Portrayed by, Zoe Saldana, she is the adoptive daughter of Thanos as well as the adoptive sister of Nebula. She hates Thanos for ruining her childhood and brutally murdering half of her people. However, deep down, she does love him as a father to some extent but never mentions it. Thanos also loves Gamora, and she is practically the only thing he ever cared about. This is also the reason why he was devastated when he had to kill Gamora in order to obtain the Soul Stone. “I’m going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy” said Gamora before she truly knew that these ‘biggest idiots’ will soon become her best friends and teammates. Often referred as the deadliest woman in the galaxy because of her excellent combat skills, she is the member of the team, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, comprising of all those she earlier mentioned as ‘the biggest idiots’. Even after the brutal training of Thanos, she turned out to be extremely caring, unlike her sister, Nebula. Despite the hatred Nebula had for Gamora (she had valid reasons for that, though), Gamora genuinely cared for Nebula and loved her. Also, she lacks humour which gives her a serious and a don’t-you-dare-mess-with-me persona. She is selfless beyond boundaries and is willing to sacrifice herself in order to protect others. However, when in combat, she can be ruthless and merciless with her enemies. During the time she spent with the Guardians, she grew to be less serious and even developed a motherly figure for Groot. Ultimately, she is the fiercest and the coolest character and who wouldn’t want to cosplay her? Happy reading!


Gamora Coat

Gamora coat is the mandatory part of the Gamora costume.  It is a stylish long coat made up of high quality leather. The inner viscose lining gives a comfortable and luxurious feel. The stand up collar looks extremely stylish and long sleeves adds extra appeal to the garment.


Gamora Vest

The Gamora inspired vest is an important part of the Gamora costume. It is a black colored stylish leather vest. Metal studs are used at different intervals which supports the aura of the character. There is no front closure and fitting can be altered by given side straps.


Long Fingerless Gloves

A perfect fit with the costume. These long fingerless gloves are ideal for cosplays and also for casual use. The stretchy material provides snug fitting and does not slip off.


Gamora Belt

Gamora belt is a must have for the Gamora fans. It has Gamora picture and label printed all over it. A durable item that can be used as a prop during cosplays. The push button makes it easy to operate.


Gamora Pent

The pants are made up of durable and stretchy material. An ideal choice as sports wear. The best feature is the elastic bands at the bottom which ensures proper placing of the pants during cosplay.


Gamora Boots

Gamora boots are an essential part of the costume. These boots are made up of high quality PU leather. Easy to wear and can be maintained easily.