How to Dress Like Baby Groot


Complete Guide of The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Baby Groot Costume

In Guardians of the galaxy, one of the best characters sacrifices himself for the sake of the life of his friends. He is Groot. Rocket, the racoon, saves a twig of his friend and then pots it, which is seen in the emotional end of the first movie. In the second one, it is seen that from that branch grows the cutest character of all, Baby Groot. In the trailor of the Guardians of the galaxy 2, the creators did show us the glimpses of Baby Groot, and we all know how adorable that was. He was a younger, or lets just say, Baby version of Groot himself. Baby Groot, was a cute little character and his voiceover was done by the actor, Vin Diesel. Although, both the versions of Groot couldn’t speak much except a few words i.e. “I am Groot” but he managed to convey his speech through expressions and that was simply heartening. Well, eventhough he is the cutest Marvel hero, let’s just admit it, nothing is more terrifying than Baby Groot with a death button. Groot and Baby Groot gained immense popularity amongst all and adults decided to cosplay Groot and children went whole-heartedly with Baby Groot. All you children out there, Baby Groot is the best character for you to dress up like.


Latex Cosplay Mask

Just in case you don’t like the first one you can surely go with this one. Inspired by the Guardians Of The Galaxy volume 2, this mask made up of Latex. It is realistic with tiny details that are visible. Available on affordable prices this mask is sure to leave your audience awestruck.


Groot Baby Mask

Ofcourse your face makeup cannot make you look like Baby Groot (because you have to look like a tree trunk with a face), which is why you have to have this cute mask which is exactly like the Baby Groot. This mask is durable as well as comfortable.


I am Groot Shirt

Manufactured from 100% pure cotton, this “I am Groot” shirt is easy and comfortable to wear.


Action Baby Groot Figure & Assets

If kids costumes are accessorized with figures, the costume automatically becomes 10 times more  interesting for the kids. This durable action baby groot figure is available at an affordable rate with the in the Baby Groot costume.


Dancing Baby Groot

This 8 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, dancing baby groot represents the younger baby groot and a very significant scene from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It also has built in music, featuring the song “I want you back” from Guardians of the Galaxy 1.


Dancing Baby Groot Mug

Weighing 1.1 pounds, the dancing baby groot mug is an excellent choice for your kid. Along with being cute and adorable, it is manufactured from best quality and durable material which is heat and pressure resistant.


Groot Baby Costume

Baby groot is seen to be wearing a full length jumpsuit in the guardian of the galaxy vol.2 and this baby groot costume is just the right attire to fulfil your cosplay needs.


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