Complete Guide of Arsenal Speedy Red Arrow Costume


Arrow TV Series Arsenal Costumes Full Guide For Cosplayers

Roy Harper is a fictional superhero who is been appearing in American Comic books published by DC comics for a decade now and is the popular sidekicks in the world of DC comics. He is also called as one of the sexiest superheroes of all the time and the show makers have now decided to bring him in. Following guide will provide you a step by step instructions to get the arsenal costume right.


Red Arrow Leather Jacket



If you are looking for an authentic look, you obviously won’t ignore to buy this accessory worn by Roy harper in Red Arrow. This necklace is a tiny yet really very important detail in the Roy harper Red Arrow costume. This pendant is made of resin and alloy in large tooth with elephant figure on top.

Black Gloves

Black Gloves

Compliment your red arrow costume with these gloves made of high quality leather. These gloves are manufactured with quality, providing you with durability. These gloves have fine grain & supple strength due to the high quality leather and elegant and durable stitching. These gloves are made with fine tailoring and will give you a wonderful experience throughout.

Side Laces PantSide laces Pant

Get the authentic Roy Harper Red arrow costume with these black, Straight Legs with side laces Model Pant. These pants are made of high quality and genuine Thick and soft leather to make it durable with an ultra-buttery soft touch.

Side Zip Tact Boot

Side Zip Tact Boot

You got to get the right thing at right time for the right one. To get the Red Arrow Costume proposition right you need these sturdy looking, sinfully classic, stylishly solid and marvelously constructed boots. These boots features zippers.

Compound Bow

Compound Bow

Weaponry is also the part of Roy harper Red Arrow costume. To complete your Red arrow costume grab this compound bow. This bow is the choice of Red Arrow, to shoot his arrows.

The guide to Roy harper Red Arrow Costume has finally come to an end. Each and every product described in the guide is made of high quality and is worth buying for to get the Roy harper Red Arrow Costume look. Live your superhero dream with this epic and most sought after red arrow costume.