Hector Escaton Westworld Costume Guide

Westworld Hector Escaton Guide

Complete Guide of Westworld Hector Escaton Costume for Cosplayers

Created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and produced by HBO, Westworld is an American science fiction television series that has created quite a buzz in the industry. Westworld is basically a park, but it’s none like your typical amusement park but a technologically advanced and futuristic park populated by android robotic “hosts”.The purpose of this park is to cater its high-paying guests to live out their wildest fantasies through artificial consciousness without fear of retaliation from the host robots. Those robots are programed to not to harm humans and to restart each day anew without any memory of past events

One of the hosts of this amusement park is Hector Escaton, played by Rodrigo Santoro. He plays the role of a gang leader and is most wanted bandit in the park bent on robbing the hotel and is now hunted down by Guests. He is without doubt the biggest and baddest bandit of all others in the entire series. In the series we can see him doing his best to survive and escape.

So if you have more a persona of being a bad guy then Hector Escaton is the baddest of all. And we have tracked down all the important pieces that’ll be needed by you to create your own westworld costume.

hector-escaton-jacketHector Escaton Jacket

To begging dressing up in Hector Escaton costume you need this gorgeous jacket. This jacket is an exact replica of the one worn by Hector as his westworld costume. This Military style black jacket is made of high quality leather and it features Carrier bag at the back, full length sleeves Stud buttoned shutting along with zip fastening and open hem cuffs. This shirt comes with supreme quality stitching to give you every inch of Hector Escaton look.

Black Cowboy HatBlack Cowboy Hat

The black colored Hector Escaton costume hat is one of the most important item of the costume when it comes to dressing up like Hector Escaton. This stylish cowboy hat is one the best-quality item and will give you the authentic look of Hector Escaton.


Compliment your westworld costume with these gloves made of high quality Premium Real skin sheept leather. These gloves are manufactured with quality, providing you with durability. These gloves comes with Full, Luxurious Cashmere Lining with ultra-soft 100% pure Premium Cashmere that makes them buttery soft. These gloves have fine grain & supple strength due to the high quality leather and elegant and durable stitching. These gloves are made with fine tailoring and will give you a wonderful experience throughout.

Rifle ScabbardRifle Scabbard

Get this Rifle Scabbard Made of premium and high quality leather to get that authentic Hector Escaton costume look.

Brown Cowboy Boots

Brown Cowboy Boots

You need to pull on some boots to complete the Hector Escaton costume perfectly. It’s not an easy task to find a right match for the pair of boots that are both comfortable and Classy enough to go with your cosplay, but well, we have got you covered. These cowboy boots are an exact match for the costume and are comfortable with durability guaranteed.

Pinstripe PantPinstripe Pant

Match your Hector Escaton costume jacket with these Pants featuring White Fine Pinstripe. These pants are made with quality material and are Durable, Soft and Comfortable.

Buck GunBuck Gun

Weaponry is also included in the Hector Escaton costume. His choice of weapon is this amazing Airgun rifle. You can’t survive in a world run by robots and visited by psychotic guests without one of these.

Westworld Hector Escaton Costume Guide Hector Escaton Costume Guide