How to Dress Descendants 2 Jay


Full Guide of The Booboo Stewart Descendants 2 Jay Costume

The charming, mischievous and witty, Jay is the major character in the Disney film Descendants. He is the son of Jafar which automatically makes stealing and deceiving one of his greatest speciality. Jay is also really good in athletics, he excels at sports and loves playing around in general. Jay initially appears apathetic and unable to make friends but eventually he develops a rather soft side for his friends and is shown to play a protective older brother role for all of them. He is good friends with carlos in the groups and is shown to have a love interest with the daughter of Mulan. Jay is a complete sweetheart and the fandom adores him, his charmy yet goofy smile alone is enough to make all the ladies crazy. Here’s an extensive guide of Jay Costume on how you can transform yourself in the ever charming Jay from the Disney Musical Descendants 2.


Jay Vest

This incredible indian styled vest with a modern Disney spinoff is an iconic part of the Jay costume. The lavish royal blue and red colour adds up Jays villainous inheritance from Jafar. The material used is a high quality leather with faux material along with the viscous lining provides great comfort to the wearer.


Jay Pant

These elegant velvet pants are professionally tailored. It is an essential part of the Jay costume. The Jay pant has two front pockets and two back pockets which can be fastened with buttons. Its available in an affordable range and comes in different sizes for all body types.


Jay Wig

Jay has long brown pirate styled hair which compliment well with his honey brown skin and goofy yet intimidating personality. This wig is exclusively styled to transform you into Jay but you can also style it however you please. As the material used is a high temperature silk and it comes with adjustable hooks as well!


Jay Hat

Jay is almost never seen without his beanie hat. It is an essential part for your Jay costume. It is made up of a durable and stretchy material which can easily worn by anyone.


Jay Gloves

These black fingerless are more or less part of Jay’s personality because he is almost never seen without them. They are made up of high quality and durable leather provided a long term use can be made of these gloves. They are a must have to complete your Jay costume!!


Jay Shoes

An outfit is incomplete and bland without some top notch and stylish shoes. These black platform boots are an excellent choice for your Jay costume. It has a high quality man-made upper with a lightly padded man-made sole, stitched together with perfection. They are very comfortable to wear and the vintage design would go really well with your entire Jay costume ourfit.