How to Dress Like 10th Doctor


Complete Guide of The David Tennant 10th Doctor Costume

The Tenth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor in the BBC sci-fi series, Doctor Who. He is portrayed David Tennant and serves as the protagonist of the series. 


He is a handsome and classy young man and is often described as youthful, energetic, friendly, and childlike which are also the similarities he shares with Eleventh Doctor. Tennant’s depiction of the Doctor is of an apparently appealing and beguiling explorer whose agreeable and nice demeanor can rapidly go to exemplary rage when incited.


We all already know about his personality, role and appearance,don’t we? Hence, without getting into much detail of this classy, iconic character, let’s start with the guide. Happy Cosplaying!


10th Doctor Coat

This brown coat is inspired by the original coat worn by David Tennant in the series. It is made up of woolen material and has an soft inner viscose lining as well as a button closure which makes it comfortable and easy to wear. It is ideal for the 10th Doctor Costume. 


Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Suits

Under the coat, the 10th Doctor wore a full sleeves checked coat suit. It gives a sophisticated edge to any attire and will make you look entrancing. Not only is this coat suit finely stitched but is made up of the high quality fabric. It is also an amazing addition to your wardrobe as  you can wear it to various occasions.


Tenth Doctor Shirt

Beneath the coat suit, the 10th Doctor Costume requires you to wear a white shirt. This full-sleeves white dress shirt is perfect for this purpose. It is also suitable for daily wear and as we all know, a white shirt in your wardrobe always comes in handy!


Tenth Doctor Glasses

The 10th Doctor Costume also comprises of the “brainy specs”, as he referred to his rectangular frame glasses. It was simply because, like anyone would guess, he was long-sighted. They are lightweight and guarantee comfort. Also, they are bendable.


Tenth Doctor Tie

To wear with the coat suit, a tie is necessary. The 10th Doctor added this to his overall look and not only did this tie complete his look but also added a classy and stylish touch to it. Thus, it is a must have for the 10th Doctor Costume. It is fully lined and made up of micro fibre. Also, it is soft and silky to touch yet durable at the same time.


Tenth Doctor Screwdriver

Any costume is simply incomplete without the props and just not impressive. For the 10th Doctor Costume, the prop is his wonderful sonic screwdriver. This one is the best possible replica of his screwdriver and is also an amazing collectable. Secondly, it is also has light and sound effects, so you can pull out a drama and please your audience!


Tenth Doctor Shoe

Last on the list are famous red sneakers. The 10th Doctor Costume is a trendy and classy and these sneakers completely support this statement. These red sneakers are comfortable and durable. Also, they are perfect for casual wear.