How to Dress Like Alastor Moody


Complete Guide of The Harry Potter Alastor Moody Costume

Moody Alastor also known as Mad-Eye Moody is a Scottish Wizard and Auror born to a Pure-Blood family. He was a vital member of the Order of Phoenix during the First and Second Wizarding Wars. He gained great reputation for his battling skills after his exceptional battle against the Dark Arts due to which he lost both an eye and a leg. Moody replaced his eye with a fake one that moved on its own and that is probably how he got his name, “Mad Eye Moody”. This great Wizard also played a huge role in bringing prisoners to Azkaban. However, this act cost him his safety as he gained many enemies from the dark side. Alastor received his education at Hogwarts House of Wizardry and was known to be an excellent student and eventually died for the cause of Hogwarts. Here is an extensive guide which will help you transform in the greatest Auror of all time in a jiffy!


Mad Eye Moody Wig

Mad-Eye Moody is recognized by bleached flossy hair. It is made of synthetic fibres that are heat resistant so can style the wig to your wish. Moreover this wig is free size and come with a meshnet cap for hassle free wig adjustment. This wig is highly recommended for your Alastor Moody Costume!


Mad Eye Moody Wand

Alastor Moody was a great wizard of his time and like every other wizard, Moody too had a special wand designed specifically for him. This wand is the exact gimmick of Moody’s wand; a prop that is a must have in the Alastor Moody costume. It is made of fine quality and durable material which makes it great for cosplay use.


Mad Eye Moody Costume

Alastor Moody Costume consists of a long brown trench coat and a black vest with buckles. Moody is never seen in anything aside from this attire throughout the series so it is an essential buy! The coat is made of 100% cotton and the top quality stitching guarantees durability.


Mad Eye Moody Eyepiece

The most vital component of Alastor Moody’s Costume is the Eyepiece for which Alastor Moody is most recognized by. It is due to the eyepiece he is given the name, “Mad-Eye Moody”. The Eyepiece is attached to an adjustable band which can fit any head size.¬†


Mad Eye Moody Staff

Another addition to the many props of Alastor Moody costume is this wooden staff which he requires for support as he is lame by one leg. It is made of top quality material and is available at a very affordable price. A must have to get in full form of Moody!


Mad Eye Moody Pant 

A matching bottom completes the entire outfit and this classy black cargo pant is just what you need to enhance the look of your Alastor Moody costume. It is made of top notch quality cotton fabric and which provides comfort to the wearer with style.


Mad Eye Moody Shoes

Last but not least are these fabulous shoes to finish your look for the Alastor Moody costume. They are made of synthetic faux leather and include non-skid rubber outsole. These amazing shoes are made of breathable material and are extremely comfortable to wear.



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