How to Dress Like Albert Wesker


Complete Guide of The Resident Evil 5 Video Game Albert Wesker Costume

Living in Africa, Albert Wesker has a calculative personality. He is basically the main antagonist of the video game Resident Evil 5. He is a sadistic and power-hungry individual. Therefore, he is categorized as one of the most manipulative villain of all times.His goal was to purify the world from weak and rule as a god, which he failed to achieve. Furthermore, he aimed to kill Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and anyone who stands in his way. He was not even able to achieve this particular goal. However, with his leadership skills, superhuman strength and genius level intelligence, he seems to have committed a number of crimes including; blackmailing, bioterrorism, mass murder, brain-washing, conspiracy and what not. So if you are someone who’s obsessed with dark powers and characters because of their ability of providing us with a healthy confrontation with our shadow selves, then cosplaying Albert Wesker is a really good decision. Here we have gathered for you the best of Albert Wesker Costume products in the most reasonable prices ever!


Resident Evil 5 Trench Coat

The resident evil 5 trench coat is manufactured from high quality faux leather with inner soft viscose lining. This ensures warmth and comfort at the same time. It is a long coat with shirt style collar and long sleeves making it a practical choice in cold weather. The button style closure makes it easy to wear and open hem cuffs adds style in sleeves.  The coat comes in black color with alligator skin appeal all over making it a style statement.


Genuine Leather Gloves

As per the characters demand these gloves are extremely  comfortable and durable. These gloves are made from genuine  leather and can be worn in summer and winter both. The are strong enough to be worn as riding gloves on daily basis.


Metal Wire Frame Glasses

The metal wire frame glasses provides the exact look of the character Albert Wesker. Ideal for cosplay  and daily wear as well. The grey colored glasses provides enough protection against sunlight.


Zip-up Slim Quilted Vest

Designed in Columbia men’s size chart this body skimming fit vest is ideal for travelling and trail purposes. It is made from water resistant material with mock collar and front zip closure. The secured zip hand pockets make storage easy and safe.

resident-evil-5-t shirt

Turtleneck Long Sleeve Shirt

The turtle neck long sleeve shirt is stylish and practical both. It is made up of breathable lightweight material. It can be paired up with slim pants or can be worn as an  under shirt.


Black Pants

These pair of pants are highly practical as they are stain resistant and wrinkle free. A perfect pair for formal,work or casual wear.


Military Web Belt

No attire is completed without a belt. This belt is designed in military  web style with blue black buckle. It completes the costume of Albert Wesker as it is the most prominent feature.


Rain Boots

Albert Wesker  has worn these shoes throughout the movie.  So the rain boots are a compulsion to the costume. Designed in over the sock style these long boots can be worn casually. They are made from pvc material and comes in men’s size.