How to Dress Like Amanda Ann


Complete Guide of The Dream Daddy Amanda Ann Costume

Amanda Ann, sometimes known as “Amanda Panda” is a character from the famous Dad dating game called The Dream Daddy. She is an 18-year-old high school student. Amanda can be the Avatars and Alex’s adoptive or even biological daughter depending on how they answer the dialogue options. Amanda has a chirpy and goofy personality. She loves to make jokes and enjoys banter with her father. Amanda can be very serious and closed when it comes to her emotions which kind of contradicts her down to earth personality. The Dream Daddy fandom adores Amanda appearances in the game and many want to dress up like her as well. If you’re looking for a guide to cosplay Amanda Ann then fret not for you are at the right place!!


Green Bomber Jacket

An essential component of Amanda Ann costume is a cool green bomber jacket because she always wears it. This green bomber jacket is the exact replica of the one worn by Amanda. It is made of a blend of polyester and cotton which makes it lightweight and comfy. It features a zipper closure, two front pockets and a baseball collar. This jacket is stitched with perfection which guarantees durability.


Gray Tree T-Shirt

Amanda’s design includes a crew neck gray tee with a black tree logo. This shirt is a gimmick of the same shirt so it is a must have for your Amanda Ann costume! It is made of quality cotton blend material which is light and breathable. This shirt is available in all sizes ranging from extra extra small to extra extra large. It features a crew neck and short sleeves.


Gray Skinny Jeans

The Amanda Ann costume also includes a pair of gray skinny jeans. These jeans would go perfectly along with costume! They are made of high quality and breathable material, also the fabric is stretchable so it can be worn with ease. The jeans comes with 5 pockets and a zipper closure.


Yellow Hiking Boots

A pair of shoes is a must for a complete look and these yellow hiking boots are just what you need for your Amanda Ann costume! 

They are made of pure suede leather and rubber soles. It’s waterproof and breathable technology makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear. These shoes are durable and made for long term use.


Yellow Chiffon Head Scarf

A cute addition to the Amanda Ann costume is a yellow chiffon head scarf which compliments Amanda’s retro-ish personality. It is made of excellent quality polyester and chiffon fabric. This head scarf can be worn around both head and neck giving you a chic look.


Black Pendant Choker

Amanda has a thing for cute retro accessories and she always wears a black pendant choker. This black pendant choker is a replica of Amanda’s design in the game. The black colour of the crystal compliments Amanda’s down to earth yet private personality so it is a must have for your Amanda Ann costume!


Panda Head Lapel Pin

Another small yet significant addition to Amanda Ann costume are these Panda headed lapel pins. Amanda always wears pins exactly like these on her jacket. These pins are incredibly adorable and goes well with Amanda’s personality.


Fried Egg Lapel Pin

Amanda has a thing for funny and cute accessories and this little Fried Egg lapel pin would be an amazing addition to your Amanda Ann costume! It is like the one Amanda wears along with her other pins and patches on her bomber jacket. This pin is made of metal which does not bend or break easily so it is quite durable.