How to Dress Like Ash Siege

How to Dress Like Ash Siege

Complete Guide of The Rainbow Six Ash Siege Costume

Eliza Cohen, codenamed “Ash” is featured in the game Rainbow Sixflag. Born in Jerusalem, Israel Ash is not alien to war. She is an excellent Attack operator mostly due to her potent ammo which can demolish walls and doors while attacking the enemy. Ash is the daughter of a famous political activist, she majored in Structural Engineering, and then enlisted in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) but was later transferred to FBI SWAT due to international law enforcement. Her combative style and thinking capability put her to advantage, and it is the reason why she’s famous among the players of The Rainbow Six. If you are a fan looking for a way to dress up as Ash Siege, then you have come to the right place! Here is a guide on what you will need for you Ash Siege Costume.



To begin with, the Ash Siege Costume contains this FBI hat which is an essential prop. It is made of premium quality material that is guaranteed to last long. 


Tactical Vest

Another component of the Ash Siege Costume is this incredible tactical vest since Ash is mostly seen in combat mode. This vest features pistol holster and pockets. 


Black Coveralls

Ash’s design includes clothing with dark colors, and this shirt is the exact gimmick of the worn by Ash originally. The fabric used in its making is a blend of polyester, and cotton providing the wearer with the comfort with fashion. 



These sunglasses are an exact copy of the one used by the character Ash Siege. A prominent feature of the costume which can be used for daily use as well. 


Tactical Fingerless Gloves

Tactical fingerless gloves is a must-have for the Ash Siege costume. The material used is of high quality super fiber. The diversely functional gloves are anti-skip, anti-thorn, and anti-static.


American Flag Patch

The American flag patch is a mandatory part of the Ash Siege costume. It can be sewn or ironed on to the garment. It is embroidered with high-quality threads that won’t bleed during washing. 


Tactical Knee Pads

Tactical Knee Pads are flexible and comfortable. They provide strong support to the knees, and they are ideal for hunting, etc. and so they are a must-have for your Ash Siege costume!


Brown Combat Boots

The mid-calf length, brown combat boots are also an important component of the Ash Siege costume. They are made of premium quality leather and a durable sole. They are available in a wide range of sizes so do try them out!


Right Leg Holster

The right leg holster is a mandatory part of the Ash Siege costume. It can hold essential items such as cell phones etc. and the adjustable straps make it easy to wear for almost every person. 


Left Leg Pouch

Lastly, we have the left leg pouch, which is a cherry on top of the cake finish to your Ash Siege Costume. It is made up of high velcro material which is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, etc. 



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