How to Dress Like Billy Russo


Complete Guide of The Punisher Season 02 Billy Russo Costume

William Billy Russo, also known as the Jigsaw was a former Special Forces Marine. He was born to a meth addict and abandoned by his own mother. Being a patriotic man he had great passion for his country, The United States, however, he changed with the change of events in his life. He joined the Cerberus Squad which was lead by William Rawlin’s. There he assists in assassinating high value targets and organizations. Although Russo was an important part of the squad, he feared that William might use him as a scapegoat and blame him for all the crimes. He ended up betraying William and Castle killed him. Prior to this Russo also had a showdown with castle which costed him his face and became scarred for life. During his recovery period from the gruesome fight he managed to escape from the hands of the law and began to rebuild his life from scratch. He started recruiting former soldier for his criminal gang with the help of his therapist, Krista Durmont, who was also his love interest. This is how he was nicknamed Jigsaw. He was later executed for his past crimes.


The Punisher 2 Billy Russo Jacket

This extraordinary leather jacket is the trademark of Billy Russos character. It is made of genuine leather and internally lined with soft faux shearling. The deep black colour adds debt to the Billy Ray costume. Those full length sleeves with open hem cuffs provides a sharp edge to the jacket.


Billy Russo Face Mask

This Billy Russo mask is an essential part of the Billy Russo costume. After his face was disfigured, Russo would use this mask to cover his face. And so it became a part of his identity as the Jigsaw.


Billy Russo T-shirt 

You need something to wear under that stylish leather jacket and this T-shirt is just what you need! It is made of 100% ring-spun cotton preshrunk jersey. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear and will fulfil you undershirt need perfectly.


Billy Russo Hoodie

Another part of the Billy Russo costume is this  classic Black zip-up hoodie jacket with a drawstring hood. It is made of high quality caught and consists of an inner fleece lining for warmth. Due to the double needle stitching it is very durable. This jacket is especially designed in a way to provide comfort with style, it can be worn on a daily basis as well.


Billy Russo Jean Pants 

A matching pair of pants are an absolute essential to complete you outfit. These pants are made of high quality and durable cotton material. The muted gray colour goes in perfect contrast with the striking black leather jacket. It is available in different sizes at an affordable price range. 


Billy Russo Shoes

Last but not the least are these classy and stylish boots. They are made of genuine leather material and have a synthetic sole. These boots are designed specifically to be paired with casual outfits and so they go well with the Billy Russo Costume.