How to Dress Like Bride of Chucky Tiffany


Complete Guide of The Bride of Chucky Tiffany Costume

A Murderous woman, Tiffany Valentine is the ex-wife and lover of Charles Lee Ray (better known as, Chucky). Tiffany is portrayed by Jennifer Tilly, in the dark comedy and horror film, Bride of Chucky

Tiffany has a strangely strong attraction to death and it took over 10 years for her to find Chucky’s shredded doll body. A personality similar to Chucky’s in many ways, Tiffany does not hesitate when it comes to killing people in torturous ways. 

Horror and Halloween go together and what’s better than dressing up as Child Play’s Tiffany on Halloween? Bride of Chucky Tiffany Costume will surely make you the Halloween star. The good news is, the costume isn’t really difficult to recreate! Read on further to find out what you need. 

Happy Cosplaying!


Bride of Chucky Tiffany Jacket

Bold, black, and crazy. Certainly, this premium leather jacket sums up the entire persona of Bride of Chucky. The deep black jacket features a modish front zipper and extra-long sleeves, giving the same kicky look of the character. With multiple pockets and soft-inner lining, this black leather jacket will be a wonderful addition to your winter wardrobe.


White Cocktail Dress

Chucky’s dangerously beautiful wife is certainly a nightmare masked as a daydream. A white dress seems almost out of context in the Bride of Chucky Costume. But that’s the beauty of it! This off-shoulder dress has been finely stitched from machine-washable and soft fabric. The charming masterpiece is available in multiple sizes at an unbelievably affordable rate!


Fishnet Leggings

These Nylon fishnet leggings replicate Tiffany’s devilish and alluring persona quite amazingly. The satin feel of the leggings makes it easy to wear and carry. Unlike the regular fishnet leggings, these reasonably-priced leggings will certainly last longer than what seems probable!


Bride of Chucky Wig

It’s only a one-time event, that’s going to last for hours. You aren’t planning to dye your hair for it, or are you?

Well, you need not! To transform yourself into this terrific beauty, all you need is this synthetic hair wig. It’s already styled like Tiffany’s hair and is super easy to wear!


Voodoo Knife

Tiffany Valentine-Ray is known for her murderous and evil nature. She is the chief villain of all, after all! And therefore, the Bride of Chucky Costume remains incomplete without this Voodoo Knife. This 9-inches long knife has been manufactured from high-quality Polyurethane Foam and will be the quietest and most efficient crime partner, you’ve ever had!


Chucky Temporary Tattoo

Alright, so Chucky’s bride strikes directly at heart. And on literal terms! Here’s your super-cool tiffany-tattoo to represent that. This skin-safe temporary tattoo lasts for 3-4 days and has simple putting-on and putting-off methods.


Black Pump Boots

Black Pump Boots in Bride of Chucky Costume truly represent the height of killer style of the doll. With a 4.72″heels, these leather shoes have a side zipper and 1.37″ water-proof platform. 


Black Lipstick

The Bride of Chucky strictly wears black, even when it comes to lips. And in this Bride of Chucky Costume, we have included the best quality black semi-matte lipstick for you. Belonging to Katy Perry’s lipstick range, this deep black lipstick comes infused with shea butter.


Tiff Necklace

Here’s your perfect finishing touch to the Bride of Chucky Costume. It measures 3.81 cm x 2.27 cm x 0. 09 cm and works for both dolls and cosplayers. The pendant works well with chains of all sorts. 



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