How to Dress Like Cliff Booth


Complete Guide of The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Cliff Booth Costume

Starring Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is a 2019 comedy-drama film. As expected, the movie was an instant hit and, so was the character of Cliff Booth. 

Cliff is the longtime stunt double of Rick Dalton as well as a close friend. The character was inspired by stunt legend and director, Hal Needham and Gary Kent. Cliff Booth is a World War II hero and is described as one of the deadliest men alive. He is a former Green Beret and, as anyone can guess, is troubled by very little people. In the movie, Cliff fights with the legend, Bruce Lee. 

The movie just released and, the character is a hit. Consequently, Cliff Booth Costume is a much-in-demand one. Here we have compiled a complete and comprehensive guide to turn you into this iconic character in a jiffy. 

Happy Cosplaying!


Brad Pitt Jean Jacket

Inspired by the film itself, this blue jacket is ideal for the Cliff Booth Costume. It is made up of high-quality jeans. Furthermore, this trendy jacket has a shirt-style collar and front button closure. The buttoned cuffs add extra-style to the jacket. Additionally, the inner soft lining ensures comfort as well as durability.  


Aviator Sunglasses

Next up on the list are these metal frame aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses are identical to the ones we see in the original Cliff Booth Costume and complement the attire in the best possible way. Apart from that, this frame is built to last and is a style statement in itself. 


Blue Stonewash Jeans

These regular fit jeans are the perfect match for the Cliff Booth Costume. It is made with durable flex denim and is guaranteed to provide comfort all day long. These jeans have a zipper fly and button closure. Additionally, they feature two embroidered back pockets. A great addition to your day-to-day closet as they can be paired up with various outfits.


Black T-Shirt

We see in the movie that Cliff Booth wears a black t-shirt underneath his jeans jacket. This t-shirt is highly recommended for the Cliff Booth Costume. The material used to make this shirt is pre-shrunk cotton and polyester. This full-cut style t-shirt is the best match to the one used in the original attire. It is durable and extremely comfy. Also, it is a valuable addition to your closet because seriously, when does a black t-shirt not come in handy?


Oil Distress Brown Western Cowboy Boots

For the shoes, we have the iconic brown western cowboy boots, which we see ever so often in the film. An essential part of the Cliff Booth Costume, these leather boots have a rubber sole and feature a western heel and a western toe. This pair of boots can be utilized for various other cosplays too.


Brown Suede Belt

Lastly, this brown suede belt is an accessory that adds detail to the Cliff Booth Costume. Additionally, it is handmade from the highest-quality, soft full-grain leather. Moreover, the elegant buckle adds extra style to this fine accessory. It is made to last long and can be worn on various occasions.