How to Dress Like Count Dooku


Complete Guide of The Star Wars Count Dooku Costume

Dooku better known as, Count Dooku, is an aging Force-sensitive human in the famous Star Wars series who had light skin, white hair and brown eyes. 

He used to be a respected Jedi Master but his thirst for power got the better of him and he turned away from the Jedi Order. Eventually, Dooku joined the dark side of the Force and entitled himself as the Count of Serenno. In the final years of the Galactic Republic, he assumed the title of the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus. 

In lightsaber combat, Dooku preferred strategy over strength. It was at this point that Dooku was also willing to betray his own followers and allies for the sake of it. He was a powerful and manipulative statesman who used torture, assassination etc. as his devices to succeed. 

Here we have an extensive guide for you to transform into the very Count Dooku!


Count Dooku Pullover Sweater

Count Dooku costume includes this slim fit pullover sweater. Count Dooku wears this pullover black sweater under his brown robe. It is made of fine quality polyester which lightweight and comfortable to wear. Moreover, it adds style to your fit and makes you look smart.


Count Dooku Robe Costume

One of the most mandatory parts of the Count Dooku costume is this extravagant robe. It is made of 100% synthetic fabric which is lightweight and breathable. This robe also includes high quality crest clasp which holds it together. The rob comes in one size that fits both adults and children. It is available at a very affordable range. 


Count Dooku Robe Pants

To match the entire outfit in the Count Dooku costume we have this stylish black chino style pants. These pants are made of high standard cotton fabric and includes a zipper closure. Their wrinkle and stain resistant technology is what makes these pants special. 


Count Dooku Belt Costume Accessory 

Count Dooku’s costume consists of an interesting accessory which is this amazing brown belt. The material used in the making of this belt is genuine PU fabric and it comes in only one size which fits all as it is adjustable.


Count Dooku Red Lightsaber

Lightsabers are the most well known props from the Star Wars universe so they are a must have for any of your Star Wars cosplays. Count Dooku costume is incomplete with the iconic red lightsaber as it is the most significant component of the whole costume. It is made of high quality and durable material so it will not break or damage easily. 


Count Dooku Black Boots 

Last but not least are these fabulous black boots. These boots are made of genuine leather material and their quality stitching guarantees durability for long term use. Moreover, they include a sole made of synthetic rubber which provides a good grip and allows the wearer to walk with ease and comfort. They will look great with the outfit in this costume especially the rich shiny black which will look great in contrast with the matte brownish robe.