How to Dress Like Daniel Craig James Bond


Complete Guide of The Daniel Craig Secret Agent James Bond Costume

James Bond is perhaps one of the most famous fictional characters in the literary universe. Created in 1953, this character has been adapted for comics, games, radio, television, and films. To be honest, most of the fame came to this character through the cinematic universe.  Many actors have portrayed James so far but, the most recent one is Daniel Craig. Daniel portrayed the character in Casino Royale (2006) and, will portray him in an upcoming film from the Eon franchise, No time to Die. Code-named 007, Commander Bond is a Royal Navy Reserve. He is the dashing MI-6 hero of over twenty films where viewers experienced different storylines but, two things remain constant in all of them: Bond’s role and his go-to outfit, a snazzy black tuxedo.
Here, we have compiled the complete guide to the James Bond Costume. The outfit is not very demanding but, all of the items listed below are of immense importance.


Men’s 2-Piece Black Suit

The very first item on the list for James Bond Costume is this Men’s 2-piece Black suit. Inclusive of a blazer jacket and suit pants, this black suit set is identical to the one worn by Daniel Craig.  Both of the items included have a button-closure and are made up of the best quality material. The suit is a versatile one and can be utilized for various occasions.



Black Dress Shoes

Second, up are these black dress shoes. Made up of leather, these classy boots have a lace-up closure. The rubber-sole makes them slip-resistant and ensures durability. Not only are these boots ideal for the James Bond Costume but also, they are a great addition to your wardrobe. 


Black Bow Tie

An essential for the James Bond Costume, this elegant black bow-tie is a tiny yet important detail of the attire. Made up of high-quality satin polyester, this sleek bowtie gives you just the look you need. It is also ideal for other formal occasions.




Martini Glass

Moving on to the props for the James Bond Costume, this Martini glass is a must-have for the costume. Bond’s go-to Martini Drink is definitely what will make your audience sure about who you have dressed up as. Thus, this elegant Martini glass is an important detail of the attire. Make sure you carry it with style, just like Bond!


Toy Walther PPK or Pistol

The other prop that the James Bond Costume demands is the PPK pistol. Of course, a secret agent who fights dangerous criminals should carry a weapon with him at all times, right? The toy Walther pistol adds effect and drama to the look. It is realistic and is made up of metal.    


Hair Gel

To get the look, this hair gel is an important make-over item. In Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond, he uses a hair gel to stylize his hair. For the James Bond Costume, it is essential. Also, it is alcohol-free and creates the illusion of thicker hair. 


Men’s Large Watch Non-Digital

Lastly, to complete the James Bond Costume, this non-digital watch is an important accessory. It is elegant, durable and waterproof. Additionally, this watch is identical to the one seen in the film and perfectly compliments the attire. Also, it is a valuable addition to your day-to-day or formal accessories.