How to Dress Like Doctor Strange


Complete Guide of The Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange Costume

The brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch starring as Stephen Vincent Strange or simply Dr. Strange, the powerful sorcerer and the protector of New York Sanctum as well as the entire Earth from Interdimensional threats in the Marvel universe, is one or the leading fictional characters in the cosplay world. His magnificently detailed costume makes him one of the hardest characters to cosplay too! Worry not for we have an extensive guide on what you need for you Doctor Strange Costume which will help you transform into the best Dr. Strange cosplayer!


Doctor Strange Wig

Our wig is made of high quality synthetic fiber. It can be styled according to the requirement of your cosplay and can be also worn in parties or for daily use. You will not find a wig better than this as it is perfect for your Doctor Strange Costume both style wise and quality wise.


Doctor Strange Suit Costume

The Doctor Strange Suit Costume is a must-have, it is his signature attire. The costume includes a cloak, robe, shirt, belt, and an xcoser logo. The flashy red robe makes the costume more attractive and catches a lot of attention.


Doctor Strange Eye Of Agamotto Necklace

The eye of agamotto is Doctor Strange’s prized possession as it helps him see through all illusions and evil as well as win fights etc. It is an essential accessory of the Doctor Strange Costume.


Doctor Strange Ring

Doctor Strange Ring or the Sling Ring is another important accessory of the Doctor Strange Costume. The ring allows the wearer to travel through different locations. It is worn by the Master of Mystical Arts and his apprentice.


Doctor Strange Shoes

The Doctor Strange Shoes are a must for your Doctor Strange Costume!! These stylish black PU knee boots are perfect for your cosplay and the price for these amazing boots is also very cheap compared to the market price!


Master Ancient Costume

The Master Ancient Costume includes a cloak, vest, pants, a top and a velt. The material is satin and the costume overall is of high quality. It is a must buy, you simply cannot cosplay Doctor Strange without his Master Ancient Costume!


Master Ancient Shoes

Of course you need these pair of shoes to complete your Master Ancient Costume. Without it you cannot achieve the desired look.


Master Ancient Bald Cap

The ancient master is blad so in order to get the complete package look you should buy this bald cap. It is made up of high quality material.


Baron Mordo Costume

Baron Mordo was apprentice of the Ancient Master who helped train Doctor Strange. This Costume includes a vest, innertop, two wristbands, belt and a shoulder strap.


Baron Mordo Samurai Sword

This Samurai sword case is extremely necessary accessory to achieve an outstanding Baron Mordo look!


Baron Mordo Shoes

These 100% leather and glamourous boots are a vital component of the Baron Mordo costume. The sole is manmade and has 1.5 inch heel.


Kaecilius Costume

The Kaecilius Costume Includes a shirt, pants, blet, a vest and leg warmers. The costume is a nice blend of cotton and polyester and is available in all sizes.