How to Dress Like Fallout 76


Complete Guide of The The Vault Fallout 76 Costume

Located within the forest region of the incredible game Fallout is Vault 76. It was built in the year 2069 under the supervision of Vault-Tec official Giles Wolstrencroft. Every player begins in the vault and once reclamation day is over that player has to leave the Vault 76 with no return to it. It is basically a place where players equip themselves and after 24 hour period they are supposed to reclaim the outside world instead of becoming dependant on the Vault 76. It was originally planned to open to the wasteland outside 20 years after the nuclear war occurred, however, the Vault 76 had other plans. Here we have provided you a guide on how to get into Vault 76 inspired getup, lets go!


Fallout 76 Jacket

To begin with, we have this icomic Vault 76 jacket. This jacket is not just unique but extremely stylish as well. It is made up of genuine leather with a soft viscose lining. The electric blue color paired with the shiny golden is the most eye catching feature of this jacket. 


Fallout 76 Costume

The most essential part of the Fallout 76 costume is this amazing suit. This costume includes trousers, a shirt and a belt. The material used in the making of this costume is a high quality knitted pearly leather and deer skin. It’s top notch standard stitching guarantees durability so that it can be used for long term purposes. Moreover, this suits sleek and stylish design is what makes the costume more attractive. It is a must buy!


Fallout 76 Belt

One of the most interesting accessories in the Fallout 76 costume is this Belt. It is Accmor belt which is a multi-use two point gun sling with large metal hooks. The material used in its making is high density nylon which is lightweight, durable and easy to carry. This belt includes an adjustable buckle so that you can adjust it according to your size; this makes the belt suitable for all shapes and sizes. 


Fallout 76 Gauntlets

Another interesting addition to props of the Fallout 76 costume are these daunting gauntlets. They are made of quality faux leather with double faux leather lace up design adds to its uniqueness. These gauntlets also include adjustable buckles so that all user can wear it with ease. A great thing about these wrist band like gauntlets is that they are very comfortable and durable.


Fallout 76 Shoes

Without a pair of good shoes any outfit is incomplete and so will be your Fallout 76 costume without these fabulous boots. These classy leather combat boots are exactly like the one shown in the game, this proves that they are the perfect choice for your costume. They are made of genuine leather fabric and include rubber soles for that extra grip while walking. Their great quality is that they are lightweight and have padded soles, and that they are extremely comfortable to wear. Moreover, these boots are available in different sizes at very affordable rate so make sure to grab a pair for your costume!





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