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Complete Guide of Grant Gustin The Flash Costume

The Flash or more commonly known as Barry Allen is one of the superheroes of the DC universe, he is played by Grant Gustin. He is a scientist at the criminal and forensic division of the police department. Barry is one of the few citizens of Starling city who were affected by the Particle accelerator accident at the S.T.A.R. Labs. Due to this accident which he refers as “lightning” Barry received his metahuman ability to travel at the speed of light. When Dr. Harrison Wells, owner of S.T.A.R labs found out about Barry’s abilities, he took him under his wing and along with 2 other co-workers Barry trained in secrecy to become what he now refers himself as The Flash, who risks his life to save the Starling city from the evil lurking within. The Flash is great friends with another superhero Arrow and has appeared multiple times in the arrowverse to help solve mysteries and crimes alongside his friend. Here’s a guide on how to transform yourself into the flash!


The Flash Jacket

This Flash jacket is an exact replica of the one worn by Grant Gustin in the TV show. It is made of an excellent quality faux leather and the inside is lined with viscous material for extra comfort. The stitching is high quality and durable. The highlight of this jacket is the famous Flash logo in the centre of the jacket. 


The Flash Mask

The mask is an essential part of the Flash costume. This high quality full head latex mask is just what you need to make your costume standout in the crowd. This mask is made of high quality latex and it is highly durable and perfect for long term use. 


The Flash Costume

A superhero costume is always incomplete without a full body costume. This beautifully detailed body suit is a perfect choice for your Flash costume! The bodysuit is made of great quality fabric and stitched with extreme delicacy and detail to fit the needs of the cosplayers.


The Flash Glove

An addition to the costume are these beautiful lambskin full finger leather gloves. They are lined with cashmere material for the comfort of wearer. The simple yet elegant appearance of these gloves adds to the beauty of the Flash costume while promising quality at the same time. 


The Flash Ring

Another addition to the costume is this fine metal ring which can be seen on the Flash in both comics and tv show. It is made of good quality material which guarantees that the colour will not fade or damage. It can be opened as seen on the show. This accessory is a must have to complete your outfit!


The Flash Boot

What is an outfit without a pair of matching shoes? These red half length leather boots are here to fulfill your demands. The rich colour of the boots goes well with the entire costume and the golden finish on the edges of the shoes gives it a more stylish contrast. They are high quality and comfortable to wear.  You must try them to make your Flash Costume the best among all! 


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