How to Dress Like Frank West


Complete Guide of The Dead Rising 4 Frank West Costume

Frank West is your cliché “badass” and protagonist of the videogame Dead Rising 4. He is a freelance photojournalist who is always on the hunt for the next big story and has covered several important events including wars. He is a very determined person and always hungry for adventures, he is also very strong being a wrestles and so Frank is ready to take risks if he has to. Frank is the most professional person in his field, he is quite capable of handling himself in a combat. He covered the first known zombie outbreak in U.S. history.


Frank West Jacket

Frank West is best known for his iconic green jacket. We recommend this jacket to include in your Frank West costume because it is made of fine quality cotton lined with viscose material. Moreover, it includes buttons along with a zipper closure and 4 front flap-pockets.


Frank West Shirt

Under the jacket Frank wears a button down shirt and this one is just what you need. It is stitched with perfection and made of quality poplin woven material.


Frank West Pant

To go with the casual tops goes perfectly this fine looking Levis pants. The 100% cotton fabric with quality stitching guarantees long term durability. Also it provides comfort to the wearer and the modified construction of the front fly prevents tearing.


Frank West T Shirt

Another component of the many layers in the Frank West costume is this awesome shirt. It is made of 100% BioWash cotton and is comfortable to wear in all kinds of weather. It can be worn for casual events as well aside from cosplay.


Frank West Bat

Frank West has a huge streak for adventure and being a wrestler, never loses a combat. Keeping this in mind he carries a baseball bat around at all times. This bat is a perfect prop for your Frank West costume also the brand offers maximum durability!


Frank West Shoulder Holster

Another addition to the Frank West costume is this Holster because along with the bat he also carried around a revolver. Premium quality leather is used in the making of this Holster and the straps can be adjusted according to your comfort.


Frank West Camera

Frank is a photojournalist so including a camera in your costume is essential to complete the look. This Canon Eos 80D is available in an affordable price. It can also come in handy to take many memorable photographs, be sure to preserve those great memories!


Frank West Boot

Last but not least are the stylish and unique boots. They are made of 100% leather including a rubber sole for a good grip. The leather is waterproof and the boots consist of thinsulate lining. They are a must have for your Frank West costume!