How to Dress Like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad Movie


Complete Guide of The Margot Robbie Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

Harleen Quinzel, better known as, Harley Quinn was transformed into an insane villain from a sane psychiatric intern, all thanks due to Joker. 

She is later recruited by Amanda Waller for her Task Force X (a group of dangerous criminals who are assigned with the task of defeating Enchantress the witch in turn of getting a leaner sentence and so, call themselves the Suicide Squad).

Harley Quinn, the partner and lover of Joker is known to be a childish; ruthless psychopath who’s fearless and tends to find humour in extremely dark situations.

In Suicide Squad, we see Harley Quinn the Queen of Gotham, with her baseball bat, signature blue and pink hair, ‘Daddy’s lil monster’ jersey shirt, a jacket with ‘property of joker’ written on it as well as her well-recognized shorts, tattoos and a few other gold accessories.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

This jacket is an exact replica of the one Harley Quinn wore in the movie. It comes in blue and red colour. It is made up of the best satin fabric.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Shirt 

The Harley Quinn costume is totally incomplete without the signature ‘Daddy’s lil princess’ jersey shirt.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Shorts

These shorts are perfect for the Harley Quinn costume. These sequins shorts include a studded belt which attaches with a button closure.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Boots 

These high quality pleather boots not only go best with Harley Quinn costume but can also be used for various other costumes. 


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Wig 

Ofcourse, the wig. Unless you want to go through the process of dying your hair,  this adjustable and breathable wig is just the perfect option to have hair like Harley.


Harley Quinn Baseball Bat 

In the movie, she is seen with this baseball bat.  Hence, it serves as a prop as well as an amazing collectable. 


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Choker

Harley Quinn’s choker with Joker’s pet name ‘PUDDIN’ lettered on it, is yet another significant part of the Harley Quinn costume. It is adjustable.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Spike Cuffs

As mentioned earlier, Harley wears few gold accessories and so, these gold spiked cuffs are part of those accessories which reflect her persona.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn “Yes Sir” Bracelets

Inspired by the movie, it is a part of the costume as well as a good collectable. 


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Tattoos

Just like Joker, Harley also have tattoos all over her body. This collection of temporary tattoos has all the significant tattoos seen in the movie.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Stocking 

These stockings are seamless, durable and can be washed by hand.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Holster

Every aspect of Harley Quinn costume is unique and so is this holster as well. It is a must have for the cosplay. 


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Belt 

This studded belt is also inspired by Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn costume. It is adjustable, durable and breathable.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup Kit

For the pale and messed up look of Harley Quinn, this makeup kit is the best as it has all the required tools and shades.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Gun 

A psychotic villain needs something to kill other than a baseball bat and thus, this gun is  another prop for the costume.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Gloves 

She is seen wearing such cool leather gloves and so are a fairly important part of the costume. They can be used for other purposes like bikers gloves.