How to Dress Like Hawkeye


Full Guide of The Jeremy Renner Avengers All Series Hawkeye Costume

Portrayed by Jeremy Renner, Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton, better known as Hawkeye, is not only a skilled marksman but also one of the best agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D. Barton’s primary weapons are bow and arrow. He is a dedicated, courageous sleuth and is loyal to his mission of protecting the innocent and he always makes sure that whatever is his mission, it gets completed. He is capable of blending in with his surroundings and to see and assess from a good distance (the reason why he is known as Hawkeye), due to which he is valued by his superiors as well. He is humorous and sarcastic at the same time. Also, he is very revengeful and is not at all kind to betrayers and manipulative people. A strange quality of his is, that he is compassionate towards others (strange for a soldier). He tries to see good in people which ultimately make him a good person over a good soldier. He is vital to the unity of his team and he can do literally anything for the people he cares about. To know how to cosplay the most iconic and incredible character, read further!


Hawkeye Avengers Age of Ultron Coat

First in the Hawkeye Costume, is the Hawkeye Avengers age Ultron Coat. It is manufactured from genuine leather and cotton. It has been lined with viscose and padded, in order to make it a comfortable cosplay garment.



Second in the Hawkeye Costume is the Hawkeye vest.

Inspired by the movie itself, this Hawkeye Vest is made up of genuine leather. The satin and polyester lining makes it easy to wear.


Avengers Hawkeye arrow bow artillery weapon set

As mentioned earlier, Hawkeye is known for his use of the bow and arrow as his primary weapon, which makes it all the more important for the cosplay. This arrow bow artillery set practically provides outstanding shooting performance.


Hawkeye back arrow holding quiver

This Arrow holding quiver is made of Canvas which automatically makes it durable and easy to carry.


Hawkeye three finger archery gloves

Hawkeye used a bow and an arrow which automatically makes these three finger archery gloves an important part of the costume. They provide incredible sensitivity for proper feel of the string.


Avengers Hawkeye archery strap buckles armguard

This archery strap buckles armguard is durable and adjustable. Also, it is vented to provide airflow in order to cool your arm.


Hawkeye waist belt

This waist belt is not only ideal for the Hawkeye costume but also it is a great addition to your wardrobe.


Hawkeye leg holster

This high quality, durable, adjustable and tactical leg holster is essential for the Hawkeye costume as he is observed to have this at all times.


Hawkeye other side leg holster

Ofcourse, you couldn’t be going around with the leg holster on only one side, right?


Avengers Hawkeye military boots

The military boots are simply a necessity. It’s because, Hawkeye wears such shoes throughout the movie. Also, these are trendy and stylish.


Hawkeye Avengers Age of Ultron Pant

This scratch resistant, oil resistant, ventilated, breathable, comfortable, flexible pants are exactly like the one Jeremy Renner wore.


Hawkeye knee guard pads

Imagine you’re walking and you fall down in the middle of the crowd, just kidding. Since Hawkeye is a soldier, knee pads are actually very important in order to cushion his fall. Also, they help in increasing the blood circulation.


Avengers Hawkeye costume glasses

Not only do they look good great on any head size but also, they are extremely comfortable for long rides. These tough, basic motorcycle glasses are cool and exactly what someone like Hawkeye wears (and he did wore such glasses in the movie).


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