How to Dress Like Javier Escuella


Complete Guide The Red Dead Redemption 2 Javier Escuella Costume

An action-adventure western-themed video game Red Dead Redemption 2 is famous amongst players worldwide. Javier Escuella is a main character in the game and is a former gang member. His voice-over is done by the American actor, Gabriel Sloyer.


Javier Escuella formerly operated as a notorious bounty hunter and a Mexican revolutionary. He is perceived to be a committed and passionate character with unquestioning obedience to Dutch. However, it is also observed that he is pretty vain and worries a lot about his appearance. Javier makes sure that he is always immaculately presented. 


With the character being so famous amongst gamers, the Javier Escuella Costume is much-in-demand. If you are planning on cosplaying this iconic character but don’t know how to, you’re in the right place! Here, we have compiled for you a well-researched, comprehensive, and complete guide to the Javier Escuella Costume. 


Black Derby Bowler Hat

Starting with the very first thing that is noticed by viewers, the black derby bowler hat. A stylish hat, it is one of the most noticeable features of the Javier Escuella Costume. You can also wear this elegant, breathable hat on various occasions such as prom, wedding, etc.


Brown Leather Laced Hat Band

Second, on the list is this brown braided leather hatband. It is an essential accessory for the Javier Escuella Costume as it is observed in the game that there’s a similar band on Javier’s hat too. Wearing this laced hatband over the derby bowler hat gives you just the theatrical, western look you need for the attire. Apart from being identical to the one seen in the gameplay, this durable hatband has a silver buckle which gives it a trendy look.


Blue Denim Jacket

The Javier Escuella Costume has many layers to it yet, every single item included in it is visible. The jacket is extremely comfortable and is made to last. Featuring a button-up front, fold-over collar and, accent seaming this jacket is an exceptional addition to your casual wardrobe. Additionally, the button-through flap chest pockets and slash-hand pockets add style to the jacket.


Orange Pattern Poncho

Made up of polyester and acrylic, this orange pattern poncho is a significant part of the Javier Escuella Costume. A multi-pattern poncho, it is soft, cozy and warm. It is similar to the one Javier wears thus, this poncho is ideal for the look.


Black Western Vest

Underneath the denim jacket, Javier wears a black western vest, like this one. Made up of high-quality material, this elegant vest is soft and durable. It is made for long-term usage and thus, it is a valuable addition to your closet too. Also, it is ideal for the Javier Escuella Costume.


Olive Green Bandana

A must-have for the Javier Escuella Costume, this olive-green cotton bandana goes under the poncho. It is a versatile garment and can be used for various other purposes too. Furthermore, durability and quality are assured.


Blue Denim Jeans

Next up, we have these cotton denim jeans with zipper closure. These blue denim jeans are a mandatory item for the Javier Escuella Costume. With zipper closure, they are made up of premium flex denim and are guaranteed to provide comfort throughout the day. They feature a classic fit and straight leg opening.


Brown Leather Cartridge Gun Belt

The bullets are one of the required props for the Javier Escuella Costume but to carry those bullets, you will be needing this brown leather cartridge gun belt. It is made up of genuine leather and is extremely durable.


Gold & Black Plastic Costume Bullet Belt Bandolier

Moving on to the prop part of the Javier Escuella Costume, we have these gold and black plastic costume bullet belt bandolier. It is a great costume accessory and can be utilized for many other cosplays as well.

silver-cowboy-pistolSilver Cowboy Pistol

Javier was a gang member, thus, this silver cowboy pistol is a mandatory prop for the Javier Escuella Costume. This toy gun is exactly what you need to add effect and drama to your outfit. It has an authentic look and is made up of the best quality material.


Black Cowboy Spurs

For the accessories, the Javier Escuella Costume demands these black cowboy spurs. They have a black button on straps and, are adjustable. Furthermore, they are realistic and stain-resistant as well as highly durable. 


Black Cowboy Boots

Lastly, for the shoes, we have these black cowboy boots. These stylish boots are bound to make heads turn wherever you go. Made up of leather, these boots have a rubber sole and can be worn on various occasions. Also, they are the closest match to the ones used in the original Javier Escuella Costume.