How to Dress Like Jervis Tetch


Complete Guide of The Benedict Samuel Gotham Jervis Tetch Costume

Jervis Tetch, portrayed by Benedict Samuel in Gotham. He lost his parents along with his sister, Alice while they were both young. He was born with the gift of manipulating people’s mind and he used this gift against his foes. Also known as, Mad Hatter and Hat Head, he’s a criminal and anarchist and was a professional hypnotist previously. He’s one of the few main antagonists of this show and he first appeared in the Mad City: Look into my Eyes. This psychopath villain, came to Gotham in search of his sister Alice.  However, when his sister died tragically, he detective Gordon for it and makes a promise to himself to mentally break him. He has a massive fan base. To cosplay this highly complex strategic maniac and the most notorious hypnotist, you require only a few things. So to get in character and to rock this cosplay, all you need to do is, read a little more!


Jervis Tetch Coat

The Jervis Tetch Coat is a wool blended warm long coat. The inner viscose lining provides extra softness and warmth. It has full length sleeves and open hem cuffs. Also, the double breasted button closure gives a heavy and stylish look.


Jervis Tetch Vest & Trousers

Jervis Tetch Vest & Trousers are slim fit plaid suit. It comes in different colors. The jacket has notched label,with four button sleeves. It has two inner pockets and two flap pockets. The pants are fre length with slanted side pockets and adjustable waist belt. The vest had four buttons with adjustable back belt.


Jervis Tetch Hat

He’s known by the name “Mad Hat”, thus, the hat is the highlight of the character of Jervis Tetch. It is his signature style which is another reason why this is an important part of your Jervis Tetch costume.


Brown Mustache

This durable, self adhesive, brown mustache gives you just the look you need for the cosplay of the maniac hypnotist.


Jervis Tetch Bow Tie

While portraying Jervis Tetch, Benedict Samuel is constantly seen wearing a bow tie along the vest and  trousers. This fine bow tie not only is best for the Jervis Tetch costume but can also be used for various occasions.


Jervis Tetch Wig

Jervis Tetch had shoulder length hair and if you don’t, well neither do you need to grow them nor cut them, you just need this breathable, and high quality synthetic hair wig.


Jervis Tetch Chin Beard

Since Jervis had chin beard, you too, need to have this beard if you want your audience to recognize you Mr. Tetch. This Goatee is made of natural hair and is of high quality.


Black Leather Driving Gloves

These leather gloves are not only stylish and cozy but are also very important for the Jervus Tetch Costume.


Jervis Tetch Cufflinks

These cufflinks literally are the cherry on the top for the costume. To leave your audience awestruck, it is necessary to add the tiniest of the details in your costume and this, is that tiny detail. They are elegant and can be used for various occasions.


Jervis Tetch Shirt

It is observed that Mad Hat wears this slim fit shirt under the vest. Also, a white collared shirt is always the best addition to your wardrobe.


Jervis Tetch Watch With Chain

A hypnotist without a watch with chain. Sounds incomplete, right? This is the exact reason why your Jervis Costume demands this watch with chain. Also, it comes in handy when you want to keep track of time!


Jervis Tetch Gun

To do the best cosplay, props are necessary and because Jervis Tetch is a killer, you need the gun as a prop.


Jervis Tetch Shoes

Last on the list is of course, this pair of shoes which are exactly like the one Jervis wears. These leather shoes are trendy, comfortable and long-lasting.jervis-tetch-costume-guide