How To Dress like Jughead Jones


Complete Guide of Cole Sprouse Riverdale TV Series Jughead Jones Costume

Forsythe Pendleton Jughead Jones III or simply Jughead is the heartthrob and the main character of Riverdale. He is the omniscient narrator of the series and the writer of the ongoing novel about Jason’s death and the gripping events occurring in the Riverdale. Although Jughead often comes off as mysterious and broody, he always has good intentions at heart and tries his best not to let his past get in way of his current dwellings. Jughead along with his best friend, Archie and girlfriend, Betty is in search of the source of darkness that has taken over Riverdale.


Cole Sprouse Jacket

This black leather and denim jacket is mandatory to your Jughead Jones Costume as it shapes the personality of Jugheads character. The design is slick and stylish because of the Asymmetrical zipper closure. The black colour puts more depth to his character. This jacket is not only fashionable but it is also very comfortable.


Cole Sprouse Jacket

This flannel jacket is another essential part of the Jughead Jones Costume. It is made from a soft cotton blended fabric which allows air to pass through easily making it wearable under the heavy leather jacket. It is also very cheap and affordable!


Cole Sprouse Jacket

The famous Jughead jacket. It is a denim long sleeved jacket with a furry collar and a simple button closure. The material is of great quality. This jacket is a must to the Jughead Jones costume as the grey colour defines his nature aptly.


Cole Sprouse Shirt

Jughead has mysterious personality and a blue plaid flannel goes perfectly with his character. It is made up of 100% cotton hence it is the perfect shirt to go with your cosplay. It is also very affordable for your Jughead Jones Costume.


Cole Sprouse Hat

Jughead is well known for his hat, he is almost never seen without his hat. A high quality wool is used to make this woven hat. It is stretchy and extremely comfortable as well. Your cosplay is indeed very much needs this woven hat.

jughead-jones-t shirt

Cole Sprouse T Shirt

A light tee is a necessity when it comes to layered costumes. It is made up of dynamic moisture control technology which keeps you cool and dry. One cannot complete their Jughead Jones costume without this t-shirt.


Cole Sprouse Pant

Pair this skinny jeans to enhance your Jughead Jones costume. It’s slim fit cut is meant for all sizes and the denim fabric used is pure quality. This pair of jeans is comfortable and allows easy mobility.


Cole Sprouse Bag

This vintage laptop bag is very important part of your Jughead Jones costume. Jughead is a writer so he keeps his laptop with him at all times. The bag is nicely stitched and of good quality. It would last long and is easy to carry around. Don’t forget to add this important prop to your costume!


Cole Sprouse Boot

Last but not the least, you need a pair of these magnificent heavy boots just like the one Jughead wears in the show! They are of top quality and have good ground grip with their rubber sole. Get these smart boots to finish the final touches to your Jughead Jones Costume.


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