How to Dress Like Malcolm Reynolds


Complete Guide of The Malcolm Reynolds Firefly Costume

Despite the constant war tragedy, Malcolm Reynolds strives to protect the innocent.The war has eradicated his faith, innocence and love for life. His struggle to stay true to his cause has drained all his energy but keeps him going. 

 Malcolm’s friends were slaughtered right before him, while the Alliance destroyed his home. He feels as if the universe has been quite unjust with him which eventually robbed away, his faith in God.  Even so, Malcolm has a strong sense of honour and he manages to maintain his basic decency. He’s the idealist who can always be relied upon to do the right thing. 

Malcolm’s decency is greatly reflected in his appearance as well. Here’s a guide to the single-toned yet distinctive and all-embracing Malcolm Reynolds Costume.


Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Coat

Reynold’s magnificent brown coat has been finely stitched from suede material to match the original one.  Its soft inner viscose lining will keep you comfortable and warm in winter. This full-sleeved coat has a peak style collar and hook buckle style closure. The two front pockets are spacious enough to store your personal belongings. 

Malcolm’s brown coat marks him as the former soldier and signifies his belief. Basically, Malcolm believed he was on the right side, pursuing the right purpose, despite losing.


Malcolm Shirt

The Malcolm shirt has been manufactured from a light fabric so that is can be worn under the Malcolm coat comfortably in any season. This twill work shirt features a button-front closure and dual chest pockets.


Casual Pants

These slim-fit casual cotton pants add style to the Malcolm Reynolds Costume. With a flat front style, the pants have a straight-cut which conforms to the present day’s trend. Washing the pants separately in slightly warm water,  will add to its durability. 


Malcolm Gun

The Malcolm Gun is an interesting prop indeed.  It’s a realistic plastic gun weighing about 6.4 ounces and comes with gun parts. According to the manufacturer, one can easily “Conquer The High Seas & Costume Parties” with this incredible gun.  


Malcolm Suspenders

Suspenders have always been a fashion statement.  These unique and classic suspenders have adjustable elastic straps and are made from 100% Polyester. 


Malcolm Gloves

Crafted from high-quality leather, the Malcolm gloves are flexible enough to ensure a free movement of your hand. These gloves provide a plush look to the Malcolm Reynold Costume.


Malcolm Gun Holster

Malcolm’s a noble man who is merely surviving. Therefore, his gun holster is one of the most essential components of his attire.This officially licensed Firefly holster is made from genuine leather with solid, shiny metal details. It can hold up to one gun or gun-shaped object.  It is also available in multiple sizes. 


Malcolm Boot

Malcolm’s has had quite a raggedy edge to life. His journey’s perhaps,  very much incomplete without his heavy boots. This screen-accurate replica of Malcolm Boots has 1 inch heel, with about 19 inch calf circumference.  The comfortable sole and appropriate lengths, make the boots comfortable to walk in.  



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