How to Dress Like Malorie Hayes


Complete Guide of The Sandra Bullock Bird Box Malorie Hayes Costume

Malorie Hayes is the lead character in the famous thriller/horror movie, Bird Box. She is set out on the path to protect her children from the unknown entity that was driving people insane to the point where they were taking their own lives. Malorie is a mother trying to survive through apocalyptic America as she takes a journey to cross the forest and the river to safety, all while blindfolded along with her children. This incredibly brave role is played beautifully by the phenomenal Sandra Bullock. This thrilling movie has been a hit all across the globe, and fans are awestruck with Malorie Hayes’s character. Here is a helpful guide of the Malorie Hayes costume to help you transform yourself into the Malorie Hayes.


Bullock Puffer Jacket

The movie is set in the winter season so Malorie Hayes is mostly seen in warm attire which includes this pink Bullock puffer jacket. This jacket is a replica of the one worn by Malorie Hayes. It is made of excellent quality satin fabric lined internally with soft viscose material which provides warmth and comfort. It is in a beautiful faded pink color which looks incredibly pretty in the satin fabric.


Bullock Puffer Scarf

Another component of the Malorie Hayes costume is this Bullock puffer scarf. The fabric of this scarf is 100% pure and breathable cotton, which helps you protect from the harsh winter wind.


Bullock Puffer Hoodie

Beneath the jacket in the Malorie Hayes costume is layered white a hoodie. This bullock puffer hoodie is made of 100% premium cotton so that the wearer doesn’t get suffocated when layered with the jacket. 


Bullock Puffer T Shirt

The Malorie Hayes costume also includes a blue long sleeve shirt. It is made of a blend of cotton and polyester stitched with finesse which guarantees long term durability. 


Bullock Puffer Pant

Without a pair of fabulous jeans, an outfit is incomplete. The fabric used in this is bullock puffer pant is cotton. The pant is comfy and features five pockets and a zipper closure.


Bullock Puffer Boot

It is said that shoes define an outfit and these bullock puffer boots are just what you need for your Malorie Hayes costume! They are a gimmick of the one worn by Sandra Bullock in the movie. These boots are made of genuine faux leather, and the soles are made of rubber for a better grip. These boots are in combat boot style and imply as if you are on a hunt which goes perfectly with the vibe of your whole outfit. 


Bullock Puffer Belt

To keep it tied and all together, we have for you, this trendy brown leather belt. It is made of high-quality leather, and the belt features a sturdy roller buckle which gives it a simple yet collected look.


Bullock Puffer Knife Loop

Last but not least, we have this knife loop or sheath, which is a significant prop in the Malorie Hayes costume. It is made with durable and long-lasting, full-grain leather which is hand-stitched together. In the movie, Malorie is constantly trying to survive from the dark entity, and so this knife loop symbolizes her efforts of protecting her children.




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