How to Dress Like Mary Poppins Returns Jack


Complete Guide of The Mary Poppins Returns Jack Costume

Jack is a major, and the main character in the movie Mary Poppins Returns. He is a British lamplighter who lights and extinguishes streetlamps at the beginning and end of each day. Jack was also an apprentice to Bert, so he knows all about Mary. This sunny chap aids and helps Mary throughout her journey in the film. He is friendly, sweet, and polite, and fun to be around. His main goal is to lead others by lighting the way, as he said in the movie, “Well now, I’m no expert, but if I ever lose my way, I just look for a little light to guide me.” Fans adore him for his charming personality. If you are a fan searching for a way to dress like him, then you are in the right place! Here is a detailed guide on what you will need for your Mary Poppins Returns Jack costume.


Gray Wool Newsboy Cap

Jack is most recognized by his gray wool newsboy cap so, it is a must-have for your Mary Poppins Returns Jack costume! This cap is made of 90% polyester with an inner quilted lining and, it is a replica of the one worn by Jack.


Brown Pinstripe Blazer Jacket

A brown pinstripe blazer jacket is classic English apparel. This jacket is a replica of the blazer worn by Jack in the film so you cannot go without including it in your Mary Poppins Returns Jack costume. This garment consists of quality cotton material with inner viscose lining stitched together with finesse, which guarantees comfort and durability.  


Black and Orange Paisley Bandana

This black and orange, paisley bandanna looks very classy and English. It is a premium quality fabric available at such an affordable price so it is indeed a must-buy for your Mary Poppins Returns Jack costume.


Off-White Dress Shirt

Beneath the blazer, Jack wears an off-white dress shirt, so it is an essential component of the Mary Poppins Returns Jack costume. It is made of a mixture of cotton and polyester, which makes it airy and breathable. The shirt features a button closure and the usual dress shirt collar.


Black and Blue Horizontal Striped Tee

Another addition to your Mary Poppins Returns Jack costume is this black and a blue horizontal striped tee. This shirt is made of a comfortable cotton fabric, which is light and easy to wear in layers.


Bright Red Waistcoat Vest

This bright red waistcoat vest is like the one Jack wears in the movie. The fabric used in the making of this vest is cotton fabric with an inner viscose lining. This vest features two front pockets and an adjustable back straptaupe-pinstripe-pants

Taupe Pinstripe Pants

A matching pair of pants can do wonders, and this taupe pinstripe pants made for your Mary Poppins Returns Jack costume. Its sophisticated design resembles Jack’s apparel in the movie. Moreover, the pant is made from cotton material, which makes it extra comfortable to wear.


Brown Chukka Boots

Lastly, you will need these brown chukka boots to complete your Mary Poppins Jack costume. These boots are durable, they are made from quality leather material, and the sole is made from rubber for better grip. These classic boots give old English vibes, which is just what you need for your costume!



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