How to Dress Like Money Heist


Complete Guide of The Money Heist Costume

Money Heist, a Spanish television drama series is undeniably a treat for fans of the heist crime drama genre. 

Originally released in May 2017, Money Heist has a unique plot which revolves around a group of criminals led by the Professor. The intriguing storyline and absurd yet appealing attire of the criminal group has viewers hooked to the series ever since it first aired. 

The costume comprises of a red jumpsuit and the Salvador Dali mask which symbolizes freedom, revolution as well as the rejection of modern capitalist society. If you are looking for a scary and iconic costume this Halloween, then, this Money Heist Costume is exactly what you need! Also, you can wear this suit along with your friend group. Here, we have compiled for you the complete guide to the Money Heist Costume. 

May the best costume be yours! 


Money Heist Salvador Dali Mask

Starting with the most important item of them all, the Salvador Dali Mask. This mask represents the rejection of the modern capitalist society which aligns perfectly with the gangs’ beliefs. This particular mask is inspired by the show itself. Made up of latex, it is eco-friendly, non-toxic as well as high quality. Thus, it is ideal for the Money Heist Costume. 


Money Heist Salvador Dali Red Suit

Next up, is obviously the iconic red jumpsuit. You cannot be wearing the Money Heist costume without this suit, can you? This cotton red jumpsuit is extremely comfortable and highly durable. Also, it is the almost similar to the one used in the original Money Heist Costume. 


Money Heist Salvador Dali Pistol

Of course, the props. A costume is nothing but incomplete without the props especially when it comes to the Money Heist Costume. Being criminals, the gang carried weapons (guns) along with them at all times. Thus, this serves as the ideal prop. 


Money Heist Salvador Dali Holster

You can’t just carry around the gun in your hand, which is why you will be needing this brown, firm Holster. Made up of PU leather, this high quality prop includes a shoulder Holster and Xcoser logo. 


Money Heist Salvador Dali Boots 

Lastly, to complete The Money Heist Costume, all you need are these black boots. Made up of fabric and leather, these boots have a heavy rubber sole which ensures durability. They are also fit for regular wear. They are stylish, wear-resistant, breathable, polishable, water-resistant, moisture-absorbent and also, shock-resistant. These boots will definitely last long if handled properly. To conclude, they are not only ideal for the Money Heist Costume but also, they are a valuable addition to your day-to-day wardrobe.