How to Dress Like Negative Man


Complete Guide of The Doom Patrol Negative Man Costume

Portrayed by Matt Bomer, Lawrence “Larry” Trainer, more commonly known as the Negative Man is a member of the Doom Patrol. 

Larry used to be a test pilot for the United States Air Force but while the testing of X-15, he met an accident in which his entire body burned but he managed to survive. The accident also resulted in his body becoming radioactive which ultimately caused him to wear bandages to cover his entire body. 

A part of the DC universe, Doom Patrol as a TV series, gained immense popularity and Negative Man turned out to be a fan favorite. However, the costume seems to be tricky. However, this Negative Man Costume is super easy and ultra cool. 

Happy Cosplaying!


Doom Patrol Negative Man Jacket

Negative Man is known for his uniquely designed jacket. This long jacket is made of high quality cotton material lined with viscose material providing comfort to the wearer. The brown color and the shearling lined lapel style collar makes the jacket appear much classier. It is a perfect buy for your Negative Man Costume.


Negative Man Face Mask

After the experiment Negative Man began covering his face with bandages which made him look like a mummy. These bandages are made of excellent quality and breathable material. They are easy to apply and can stay without pins, tape or clips. To give your Negative Man Costume the special effects you really to have these bandages!


Negative Man Glasses 

To cover his eyes Negative Man uses a pair of sunglasses. These unique set of pair are the exact gimmick of the ones worn by Negative Man. The frame is made of plastic and can be worn with ease. The lenses are UV400, polarized and scratch resistant which is why they are durable.


Negative Man Sweatshirt

Another addition to the top is this turtleneck sweatshirt for your Negative Man costume. It is made of soft, lightweight and breathable fabric as well as stretchy so it can fit according to wearers body shape. This shirt can be used for all kinds of purposes, for costume and for casual use as well.


Negative Man Grey Pants 

These Grey pants are in perfect contrast with the green sweatshirt which makes it necessary to include in the Negative Man costume. They are not just stylish but extremely durable as well! The offer mobility so the wearer can walk easily.


Negative Man Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves is the most common accessory one can notice on Negative Man. They are fingerless gloves made of genuine leather material and lined with a soft fabric for comfort. They are available in all sizes and fits at a very cheap cost. A must have for your Negative Man Costume!


Negative Man Lace Up Boots

An outfit is incomplete without a pair of shoes and these Lace Up Boots are just what you need to complete your entire costume. They’re made of genuine leather and the soles are Grinder’s Commando soles which provides a long lasting wear. The all black smooth matte finish leather offers style with durability. These shoes will be the best choice for your Negative Man Costume.



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