How to Dress Like Nightwing


Complete Guide of The Dick Grayson Nightwing Costume

Richard John “Dick” Grayson used to be Batman’s very first sidekick, Robin. When Bruce Wayne was thought to be dead, Robin took up the mantle of Batman. Later, after the events of Flashpoint, he became the Nightwing.  


As he grew older, Robin started spending more time as the leader of Teen Titans he chose to assume the character of Nightwing to declare his autonomy. Fundamentally, he was inspired by Superman to become Nightwing.


He has super cool powers and amazing abilities like peak human strength, intelligence, agility, speed, reflexes, strength and stamina. Overall, he’s the superhero you would love to cosplay. He wears a fire resistant suit which makes his attire cool as well. With that being said, let’s get started with the guide!


Nightwing Jacket

This cool jacket is made from top quality real leather thus is durable and long lasting. It has a front single zipper for easy use and maintenance. Also, it has two spacious pockets to help you carry along your belongings anywhere you go. If you want to cosplay without wearing a one piece costume then this jacket is the most suitable option!


Nightwing Costume

This Nightwing Costume covers all the essential items to cosplay Nightwing perfectly. It is stitched from elastic and stretchable material thus can fit all sizes accurately. It is also durable and surely you’ll receive a whole lot of compliments if you wear this Nightwing Costume. 


Nightwing Eye Mask

Every character has its own mark of identification. This eye mask is Nightwing’s mark with its sharp and bold look. To make your cosplay outstanding, all you have to do is add this eye mask to your Nightwing Costume! Also, it is an amazing collectable for DC fans. 


Nightwing Belt

With the designing done using buttons, this belt adds in a unique touch of style and class to the attire. Moreover, the lock allows exceptional convenience in comparison to the traditional buckle. 


Nightwing Stick

Surely, a character without it’s props doesn’t look complete, does it? Nightwing is known for carrying around his Nightwing stick along the thrilling and exciting adventures. Therefore, the stick forms an important part of the character. It is made up of plastic and is highly durable. Be sure to pull of a play and amuse your audience with this amazing prop!


Nightwing Boot

These boots are made from shiny and sturdy materials which provides tough yet glamorous look. They have a firm and strong grip which makes them appropriate for not only cosplays but for long walks too. Moreover, you can use these footwear with other outfits too. Surely, worth an investment!