How to Dress Like Owen Grady


Full Guide of The Chris Pratt Jurassic World 2 Owen Grady Costume

Portrayed by Chris Pratt, Owen Grady is one of the two leading protagonists of the science fiction movie released in 2015;  Jurassic World. The characters maintained their role in the sequel named Fallen Kingdom. Owen basically possesses a confident character and believes in justice in every aspect for every form of life. He is also highly empathetic for the creatures of Jurassic World. He considered his raptor pack as his family rather than just visualizing and treating them as random emotionless trained animals. He is also a very daring and sensible person as he exhibits little respect for authority when he realizes they are acting in a poor sense. If you’ve decided to age back to the dinosaur era, and wish to cosplay someone heroic, calm but vital to the society, the Owen Grady is the right choice! Enlisted below are some high quality Owen Grady costume products which will be definitely easy on your pocket!


Jurassic World Owen Grady Vest

This cool Owen Grady Vest is the major mark of identification of the Jurassic World. With its unique design and aesthetic pockets, this vest is guaranteed to make you the highlight of the day!


Owen Grady Shirt

This grey coloured dress shirt is made from a very good and comfortable material. It has spacious pockets on the front so that you can carry your belongings anywhere in the world!


Owen Grady Pant

These brown, slim fitting pants are an essential part of the Owen Grady Costume. These not only work as enhancer of the outfit but also add smartness and glamour.


Owen Grady Belt

The Owen Grady Belt is made with strong and durable material. Also, it is greatly adjustable hence will fit any waist size easily.


Owen Grady Watch

Owen is a man of action and action especially in the Jurassic World requires time coordination. Hence, this Owen Grady Watch holds immense importance while completing the Owen Grady Costume. Moreover, it also adds class to your attire!


Owen Grady Gun

A man without a weapon in the Jurassic World is bound to be doomed. And Owen is no fool thus throughout the movie he is seen to be carrying around this Owen Grady Gun. Purchase this real-looking gun to make it appear as if the original Owen Grady has indeed stepped out from the screen.


Owen Grady Shoes

These tough-looking and durable shoes with strong grip are an excellent choice for your Owen Grady Costume as well as  for long walks and hikes.

owen-grady-t shirt

Owen Grady T-Shirt

This comfy and stretchy T-shirt is worth an investment! It makes your cosplay outstanding and can also be used to dress up as other characters.